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Before Christmas hit, a new Burnaby Taiwanese style cafe opened up across from Metrotown. This is no ordinary Taiwanese cafe because you're probably thinking "bubble tea & popcorn chicken". This is a legit cafe that serves, tea, coffee, sandwiches, waffles, etc. We were invited by Fondway Cafe & Chobee PR to their food media launch event and we were extremely excited to be able to attend. The whole restaurant was closed for this special media event so we had the whole place to check out and try their food & drinks.

When you first enter, on the right hand side, there is a whole wall filled with different types of tea. In front of each tea can, they include a description & price per grams. We were able to try out a few drinks they prepared for us and all of them were extremely delicious. When you smell the flavor, it smells very strong BUT the taste of the tea is very subtle.

They had this long wooden table near the back FILLED with food. First thing that caught my attention were their belgian waffles. They tasted so good. It was crunchy but soft at the same time.

Their house salad was so fresh and tasty!

Their sandwiches were AMAZING. The ingredients they choose to pair up with each other were great. Everything tasted right. They had waffle sandwiches, croissants, bagel sandwiches, etc. It was amazing...They stack ingredients to the max and its definitely worth. They use fresh deli meat, fresh, clean greens and red, sweet tomatoes. 

They had little jars of creme caramels on the side. They sell them for $3.50. They were SUPER cute and the dessert itself was soft, delicate and delicious!

They have extremely tall ceilings, making the space look very spacious and roomy. On their wall, they have these super cute drawings. Definitely make it look very artsy and unique. I love the wall. It was different and makes the space have its own character. 

So near the end, they started bringing a BUNCH of different types of cake. All of them look amazing. They had strawberry cake, cheesecake, etc. I wish I had a bigger stomach to try them all...but unfortunately I only had room for two max. Overall all their cakes look amazing. Everyone was commenting on how delicious each one is. I personally love their cheesecake. 

We were also able to try out their coffee and one of the ones we ordered was the Soda Juice Coffee. Soda and coffee mix? Sounds weird? ITS NOT. They mix lychee soda mixed with coffee and its probably one of the best drinks i've tried. It was so refreshing and delicious! Highly recommend ordering this drink if you come here!

We want to thank Fondway Cafe for inviting us to their media event. It was an amazing experience I can not stop telling people how amazing this place is!

Check them out if you haven't already. They are right across the street from the Metrotown Skytrain. 


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