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Richmond is full of pho restaurants, and so far my favourite has been Pho 37 but I'm always on the lookout for good pho restaurants that are closer than Ironwood. Jess suggested to try out Pho An Nam so off we went!

They have parking at the back, which is a plus for Richmond restaurants!

Their menu was actually quite extensive and had a ton of options to choose from!

I ended up picking one of my usuals, Rare Beef, Beef Brisket & Tendon with Rice Noodle Soup in Large $10.00.

Visually, this was some of the best rare beef I have seen on pho, so I was pretty impressed with the presentation. This beef was indeed very flavourful as the sprinkled pepper provided a nice finishing touch to the beef. It was very tender when it first arrived, but once you let it sit in the soup for a while, it gets pretty well done later and becomes a bit tough to chew, but not that big of a deal. 

The soup was AMAZING! You guys probably remember me saying Pho 37 had the best soup I have ever tasted from a pho restaurant, but this one definitely gives them a run for their money, as it was just as tasty. The only thing I added was squeezing a wedge of lime and that was it. It was at just the right amount of richness and the broth flavour was spot on, not too salty and not bland at all. This was a soup I could drink all day as it was just that good. Just writing about it now is making my mouth water and I have a sudden craving to go Pho An Nam and have a bowl of pho!

The brisket was like the usual brisket, nothing special but good nonetheless. The tendon on the other hand was much better than the tendon from some pho restaurants I've been to. They were in rectangle slices which were so tender and tasty! Some restaurants give you an oddly shaped piece of tendon that's super hard to take a bite out of, but none of that here! 

The noodles were not clumped together in a ball at the bottom of the bowl at the start, like so many other restaurants do, so that was a plus for us. The noodles absorbed the flavour of the soup which further enhanced their flavour and just made this dish complete.

Jess had the Rare Beef, Brisket & Beef Ball with Rice Noodle Soup in Large $10.00.

She really love her pho too and agreed with me on how awesome the soup was. I tried a beef ball from her bowl and it was very delicious! She ended up adding sauces as she usually does. (picture was before adding sauces)

Jess and I shared an order of 3 Spring Rolls $5.00.

These spring rolls were good. They weren't the best spring rolls we've ever had, but they were better than the average ones, so still on the good side. They weren't filled with vermicelli noodles like some places do, and they had good flavour to them. They complimented our pho very nicely on the side.

Their service was good. No complaints, and we got everything we needed in a timely manner. The pho arrived very quick actually, so that was another plus! 

Overall, this restaurant provided us with an awesome dining experience. We set out just to grab some dinner but I ended up finding a new favourite pho restaurant to go to in Central Richmond! Their food was top notch, right up there with Pho 37, and their service was better than average. I highly recommend everyone to try out this restaurant and to not add any sauce to their soup as well. You won't be disappointed!

5/5 (based on pho only; spring rolls are not a big deal and were still pretty good)



Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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