Octopus Garden

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Back with another blog today and its another sushi place! By now, you all probably know i have a thing or two for sushi places. This restaurant is located near kits beach and it's right on Cornwall. There's free parking around the area, mostly residential parking. They also have meter parking right in front of the restaurant.

Their door handles are really cute. It's all wood and its shaped like a bottle.

They had this right next to the exterior of the door. I think its a lounge area for people to chill while waiting for a table. Not sure if you are allowed to dine there or not and I didn't bother asking.

In front of the bar area, they have this table where it is shaped like a boat. We were seated there and we had to take off our shoes. It's basically a table on a boat so you actually have to cross your legs while sitting there. At first we thought this was so cool and we were having so much fun sitting there. They also had multiple stuff octopus animals on the boat. After a while, our legs were starting to cramp up, so I don't suggest choosing that as your dining table if you are planning to sit there for a long period of time. Unless there is no other choice.

After we ordered, we got a dish of pickled radish and two grapes as appetizers. A very tiny plate but it was a nice mini starter.

First thing that arrived were are shooters.

My friend ordered the  'Sada's Own' Nomu Uni Shooter - sea urchin, mountain potato, quail egg & wasabi ($7.50).

I got the 'Sada's Own' Nomu Ebi Shooter - spot prawn, mountain potato, quail egg & wasabi ($8.50)

I mixed everything together and tried to "drink" it but mostly you are biting the contents down. It was very slimy and gooey. Not really the type of texture I like. I thought it was a very interesting cup but I don't think i'll order this again.

We ordered the two pieces of the Bluefin Tuna ($12.00/piece) & Waru Sushi (Butter fish) ($7.00/piece). They were DELICIOUS. The butter fish melted in our mouth's and it was so rich and fresh. The bluefin tuna was very pricey but I think it is worth trying. Very fresh and soft. It was a bite of heaven.

We also got two pieces of the Gintoro Sushi (Braised Black Cod Belly) ($8.00). This tasted really good too but I thought it wasn't as outstanding as the previous sushi. It was a very different texture compared to our previous dish but still a very excellent choice.

We also ordered the Prawn Tempura ($9.00). Tasted like any other prawn tempura, this dish was pretty average.

We decided to order one of their specialty rolls, Hand-peeled Dungesness crab ($15.00) - Tobiko, mayo & avocado on top. I thought this roll was average. Didn't taste spectacular but its still good. 

We also ordered their cones ($5.00/cone).

We got Spicy Tuna & BBQ Wild Sockeye Salmon. I didn't try the spicy tuna one, but my friend said it was good. My BBQ wild sockeye salmon was a bit too dry for my liking. Overall I thought the cones were good but nothing special.

When we asked for the bill, they also gave us two octopus gummies.

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5 (some food was pretty average but the sushi was seriously the best I had. I highly recommend ordering the bluefin tuna & the waru sushi!)

Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 4/5


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