Pearl Castle

Hey everyone,

Recently I've been going to Pearl Castle a lot. I've always liked their food but because of past bad service experiences, it always stopped me from going. With their Richmond Center location its just a very convenient spot to meet up with friends and also a great place to go to after shopping. I went there twice this week, first time was after shopping and second time was to meet a friend for dinner. Despite the slow services, the food is actually really good here. 

Here is my go-to dish, the Chicken nuggets with fried rice ($9.25). This dish is under $10.00 and comes with a generous portion. The chicken nuggets taste delicious and the fried rice is very flavorful. Within the fried rice, there is green onions, onions & carrots.

So the other day I was going through Instagram and noticed one of the foodies that I follow ate the Apple Curry with Chicken nuggets with Rice ($9.25). It looked super delicious, so I decided to try this out. I usually go with my usual's, but I felt like venturing out of my comfort zone and try something new. I initially asked the waiter how spicy this is and he advised me its barely spicy. Once we got it, the curry was a little spicy but nothing I couldn't handle. It came with a big bowl of apple curry with a few carrots & potatoes. On the side was the chicken nuggets. Taste just like the usual. The curry was a great mix for the white rice and was super delicious! It was a great option for a cold winter day. 

Service: 2.5/5
(First time I was here this week, my moms dish was totally forgotten and she waited for the longest time for her dish to arrive.)

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5

Thanks for reading!

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