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Hey Everyone,

Since Jess and I almost never have the appetite for dessert after our dinners, we thought it would be a good idea to have dessert during the day instead, before we stuff ourselves at dinner! 

We had heard of Mango Yummy before and I've even tried their mochi already when Jess' mom brought back some for us when she went there. That mochi was pretty good so we always wanted to give this place a visit.

They are part of a strip mall across from Richmond Centre so they have their own parking lot in front, which is shared with the strip mall.

Inside, seating is limited, but luckily we were able to get a table just as a group was leaving. You order from the counter and pick it up there as well. 

There were so many choices to pick from, but we settled on their Signature Mango Shaved Ice $7.

This was actually a very big bowl! There were tons of mango pieces with mango sauce drizzled all over it, and it was topped off with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. These flavours combined worked very nicely together! The mango pieces were very delicious and the vanilla ice-cream drizzled in mango sauce was very enjoyable. The shaved ice beneath all the mango were evenly flavoured with the mango, sauce, and ice cream. For the dessert to be properly proportioned is very important to me, as I like to eat dishes like this evenly so there should never be too much of one item. (I'm a bit OCD like that)

We also ordered a Matcha Ferrero Rocher Smoothie $6.00.

This drink turned out to be not necessary, as the mango shaved ice was quite filling! The mixture just sounded intriguing to me so I had to try it out. The smoothie blend was mostly matcha but contained crushed bits of ferrero rocher in it, topped off with whipped cream and one whole ferrero rocher on top. This was pretty good for a smoothie, although I must say I probably would not order it again. It's cool to try once, but once is enough. The matcha and ferrero flavour is not really that tasty when compared to other drinks in this price range, and I would much rather have a taro bubble tea than this. (powder taro, not fresh taro)

Nothing to comment on service here as you get your own food/drink from the council. Staff were friendly, no complaints.

Overall, this dessert place was pretty good for the mango shaved ice. They definitely had a ton of selections and we will likely return to try more of their menu, but so far I'd say stick to their mango items, as that would seem to be their specialty given their name!




Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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