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After volleyball drop in recently, a few teammates and I went for lunch afterwards, and after trying to go to a few other places, we ended up at BT Cafe. They're an HK cafe style restaurant, so I would go for what I usually order at these types of restaurants: Pick 2 Items combos.

The restaurant is a bit small, but luckily it wasn't too busy so we were able to get a table for 6 no problem. They start you off with tea.

From the choices for the combo, I went with Pan Fried Chicken Filet and Pork Loin Cutlet, Garlic Sauce, Rice, and Soup of the Day, all for $10.95.

They did not have a choice of cream soup like most HK cafe restaurants do, so that was a bummer. This soup wasn't that great as I prefer cream soup, and this was not a good substitute. It was slightly spicy too.

For drinks, I had my usual Cold Lemon Tea, extra $0.50.

This was ok, as good as the usual cold lemon teas, nothing special.

The chicken steak wasn't that great compared to other places. The flavour of it was just not there, and the sauce did not work well with it. The pork cutlet on the other hand was pretty good! It held good flavour and tasted very good with the garlic sauce. It was very tender and juicy, which was a big plus as some pork cutlets get fried too much that it dries it up completely. This was a split opinion for the dish as one item was great while the other could use a lot of improvement. If I come back here, I'll definitely pick another item than the chicken steak.

Here's the other dishes that were ordered:

The service here was average in the beginning for a restaurant like this, but one major thing was that several of our cold lemon teas were very late to arrive. When we asked about it, their reason was something like they didn't have the tea ready, or they didn't have something else ready. It seemed a bit ridiculous that the cold lemon tea would take almost until our meals were done before they finished making them, as this is one of the most common drinks ordered at HK Cafe restaurants. This definitely affected the dining experience in a negative way and brought the rating down big time!

Overall, this restaurant was ok for a quick bite if you're craving HK Cafe food in this area, but just don't expect much in terms of quality. If you don't care about which cuisine, then you're much better off going somewhere else in this area as there are plenty of better choices just down Kingsway. I am likely not going to come back to this restaurant again if I had the choice, and I would definitely not recommend you guys dine here if you haven't tried it yet. HK Cafe style restaurants are much better in Richmond, and a good list can be found here!





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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