Cafe Joie

Hey everyone!

The other day I took a break from work and school and just ventured off with an old friend searching for new places to try and did some massive saving for my wallet because I found 2 amazing jackets from the vintage store.

Cafe Joie is a super cute cafe located right across from Metrotown. Because the store location is at the corner of a hill, it is very easy to pass by and not notice its existence. I find a lot of coffee shops nowadays have the same interior vibe. The type that I really like, rustic meet modern.

This place serves waffles, panini's, coffee buns, coffee, & tons of macarons! It wasn't difficult for me to choose because I already saw photos on Zomato previously and I knew automatically I'll be trying out their waffles.

First off, let's talk about their drinks!
I got the Green Tea Latte ($4.00). I usually don't order green tea lattes but this was beyond delicious. Definitely worth the try when you come here!

My friend got a Panini and she said it was extremely delicious! She ordered a drink on the side and it had the cutest foam design on it. It was a TEDDY BEAR ... :)

Now, here is my Green Tea Waffle ($10.99) YUP, I ordered green tea flavoured everything from my meal to my drink. The portion was huge! The waffle was freshly made because I had to wait approx. 15 mins until it was ready. Came with fresh kiwi and strawberries. Had multiple pieces of mochi and had whipped cream on both sides with two HUGE scoops of green tea ice cream and they topped it off with a huge strawberry macaron. Oh, forgot to mention, the whole plate was drizzled with matcha. Yup...this plate was definitely heavenly.

Service: N/A

Food: 5/5 (food rating is just based on my order, which is the waffle & green tea latte)

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 5/5

Happy eating!

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