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Since the summer days have been so amazing this year, I've been hitting up Steveston Village a lot because they have great patio restaurants and it's just a great place to stroll around. 

I've passed by B&P Ice Cream multiple times because I usually grab mini donuts from their neighbors, Outpost Mini Donuts. I never took the time to look into their ice cream options because their exterior didn't look that appealing and their cute octopus logo just gave me a very asian vibe so I just assumed it can't be anything special. Anyways, this time around we decided to just take a peek of their ice cream options on their posted boards and we were pretty shocked that they had quite a variety for flavours. Because of their massive board of options, we decided to give their ice cream a try. 

When we walked up to pay, we saw the prices posted on the window and we were extremely shocked how cheap a single scoop ($1.50) cost. We also noticed on the side, to upgrade to a waffle cone only cost $0.50 more. So our overall total would be $2.00 per person???? We weren't completely convinced that those prices were correct until we went up to pay and our total for 3 people came up to only $6.00... 

The one on the left is the Salted Caramel Ice Cream- One Scoop ($1.50) with Waffle Cone ($0.50), the one in the Middle is the Root Beer Ice Cream-One Scoop with Waffle Cone & the one on the right is Nanaimo Bar Ice Cream- One Scoop with Waffle Cone.

The ice creams tasted great. Comments from my brother and Phil, they both thought the flavours tasted exactly like the names. Usually for the Root Beer flavour ice cream it tastes like a Root Beer float but for this one, according to Phil, it tastes exactly like the Root Beer drink.

I feel like the Waffle cones didn't taste as good as Timothy's Ice Cream but for $2.00, I thought it was a steal. 

Highly recommend checking this place out during the duration of the summer. Great deal for ice cream and you can eat it near the water or walk around and enjoy the amazing views. 

Service: N/A

Food: 3.5/5


Enjoy your summer!

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