The Capilano Teahouse & Botanical Soda Co.

Hey everyone!

Finally long weekend and I'm happy to introduce a new pop up vendor located at the McArthur Glen Outlets near the airport. Their overall initial set up wasn't anything special, it was really simple with a few tables and chairs and on the sides they'll place their products for viewing. Even though their set up wasn't anything extravagant, it still drew my attention and made me go inside to take a further look.  

While looking through the menu, it was tough to choose a drink because I don't know how they will taste like. The lady working there was nice enough to let us try their Iced Teas on Tap, so we were able to try the Hibiscus & Rose Flavored teas. Both of them tasted great. Both was very refreshing and had fizz that made the tea extremely interesting. Because your drinking tea but it seems like your drinking soda. Anyways, at the end, Phil decided to get the Rose Petal Ice Tea & I got the Hibiscus Ice Tea ($3.00). It was pretty neat how they place the actual Hibiscus and rose petals on the top of our drinks but while we were drinking it while shopping, it was definitely an issue. Just sucking up the petals while drinking it felt weird and even though the idea is pretty and neat, I didn't like it very much during the process of drinking. 

They were also selling bake goods, we didn't buy any but they were giving out samples of their berry bars & it tasted DELICIOUS.

I recommend trying this place out, their drinks taste great and refreshing for summer!

Service: N/A

Drink: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Summer!

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