Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

I went to Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant a while ago with my family to have dinner. I hadn't heard of this restaurant before getting there, but when I arrived, I realized this is what took over that buffet restaurant that used to be here (Grand Buffet?). It's located next to the Estea on Kingsway in Burnaby.

This is the view from the back, which is kind of the front of the restaurant, as the Kingsway side has no entrance. They share a small parking lot with Estea next door. 

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but when you step inside, it looks quite grand!

The space inside is quite roomy and there are lots of tables. The decor was pretty and felt upscale. So far the interior was pretty nice, so I was hoping the food would be just as good.

When we started eating, I didn't get any photos of the food, but we had their supposedly "famous" chicken, among many other dishes that we ordered. I was told this was their signature dish, and the chicken itself did taste pretty good, but it was very similar to the chicken from Tai Tung on Granville. 

The rest of the meal went ok but it was later that night where it hit! Our entire table, about 8 of us, all had a severe case of food poisoning which lasted several days for some of us, but my aunt had to go to the hospital. After going to the doctors and investigating further with the Fraser Health Authority, we found out that several other tables that night suffered the same food poisoning as us, and it turned out to be Salmonella!

Needless to say, the restaurant was shutdown for a period after that under orders from the health department, but they soon opened for business again! When we brought this issue to them, initially they noted they would compensate us in some way next time. When next time came around, they told us they weren't going to do anything, and that we can call a lawyer and sue them! 

Their service was undoubtedly horrible given their handling of the situation!

I have not since returned to this restaurant, so I can't say if their food has been cleaned up now, but I definitely will NOT return, and would definitely warn EVERYONE to STAY AWAY from this restaurant! I've heard bad things about the buffet that existed here before Lee Garden, and similar results happened from eating their food, but who would have thought the same would happen after a new business took over! Do NOT eat here as we care about your health and would not want you to fall victim to what we went through!





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on, just not here!
- Phil
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