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I've never heard of Wally's until limmerZ suggested this place one day for dinner. It's located in Killarney square and the parking lot has lots of room so parking should be no problem. The interior is nothing fancy but I guess it has it's own little style to match up with the logo and all. They basically don't have any tables but wall table seating (If you know what I mean).

When I was looking at the menu, they have a wide variety of burgers to choose from and it seriously took me a while till I decided on what to get. 

The burgers come wrapped up like this. 

I got the Wally Mushroom Swiss burger for ($5.00)- Fresh grilled mushrooms and melted swiss cheese. YUM. It was a good burger but I wouldn't say it's the best. Also the way how they wrapped it it came really messy. The sauce went everywhere and it was hard to keep a clean hand, which I really dislike. 

To upgrade any burger to a combo: add $3.75.
(Combo comes with can soda and fries, but if you're replacing your fries for another side it'll cost extra.)
(Regular fries are 3.25, so they'll deduct your side cost with 3.25 and the extra will cost you)
To upgrade drink to milkshake or float: add $2.00

I got the side Poutine ($4.50) with my combo

limmerZ got the Wally Works ($8.00)- Mushrooms, bacon, fried egg, Weiner and melted cheese. 
He replaced his fries with Onion Rings ($4.00).




(The prices do add up tho! In total I paid over 20 bucks for this meal and I really don't think it was worth it.)

Overall Rating:


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