Destination: Victoria- Jade Fountain Restaurant

I went to Victoria for my Cousin's wedding and according to my relatives, they think this place is the best well off Chinese restaurant within Victoria. Now, I didn't have high hopes for this place anyways because it is Victoria so their food options aren't as broad as Vancouver but I didnt't expect it to be THIS crappy.

This restaurant is within a hotel called Red Lion Hotel and it's pretty hidden. You gotta go down the tight stair case to this underground restaurant.

The interior's theme was based upon traditional chinese so my cousin's whole wedding was based on that theme as well so everything matched up well with each other.

This was the first item we got for our dinner that night. The Cold Platter was average and after this I was already too lazy to take snap shots of the other food.  

Now I'm going to start telling you guys in FULL detail why this place SUCKS.

At the end of the meal, every table got plates of dessert with these tarts in it, so I've decided to grab one to try. Once I grabbed it and was about to take the FIRST BITE, I see this dirt/dust on my TART. I don't know if you guys can see it in the picture but it is THERE i'll tell you. Gross to the point of vomiting I couldn't bare to know what else I ate that night consisted these "dust particles" in them.

Other than tarts we got these full oranges. Most places would take the TIME to cut out the oranges for their customers but NOPE this place is so lazy. They just hand you a full dish of oranges and expects you to rip them and cut them yourselves.

At the end of the night when people were preparing to leave , all of a sudden that roof with the slit started to drip water. If you can't locate it in the picture, its on the left hand side of that big red lantern. Nobody knew what kind of liquid that was. It could've been from the restroom pipe lines! WHO KNOWS!

OH and guess what? The next day my aunt brings us back to this restaurant to eat dim sum and they placed a table right under that leak and served people. I guess it stopped dripping. But guess what? While those people were eating under that table, it started dripping again.

Also, the waitress who were serving us was FAR BEYOND RUDE! No customer service indeed. That woman was so lazy to do anything. We wanted to put our food in a smaller plate and she was saying how she doesnt have any plates to fit that but she'll put it in a take out box for us. But we told her we don't want a take out box so she got this super small plate and starts forcing all the food on that plate and some of that food fell out on to our table. Also, when we do have food to wrap up she did it in such a forceful way and made a "CHE" sound right in front of us. I seriously couldnt take it!




Overall Rating:

I suggest you guys to stay away.

Enjoy... NOT.


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