Yan's Garden Restaurant

While heading down to Coquitlam mall my family and I decided to eat lunch at this dim sum restaurant. According to my dad this place is pretty good. The parking lot is pretty big so there were plenty of spots available. First impression of this place was not what I expected. It's very old and not noticeable at all! They have two sides to the restaurant, one side is the main sitting area and the other side has a karaoke machine and can host parties. The place is pretty big and they do have a lot of tables. When we got inside to the restaurant, most of the tables were filled and I was quite surprised! This dim sum place is one of those older style restaurants where they have those carts filled with dim sum and it goes around the restaurant. I do like dim sum restaurants like these because you don't have to wait as long for them to make the dim sum!

This is Stir Fried Dao Miu. It was pretty average.

Fried Chicken Wings! This was actually pretty good, my brother cleared this plate up!

I'm not sure what this is called but it has shrimp and some veggies inside. It wasn't that good and when we got it it was all cold already! Very disappointed.

This also has shrimp in it but its steamed and it wasn't bad. 

This is sweet and sour pork and this was mainly what I ate. I didn't find any of the other dim sum dishes appealing so I was really liking this dish. 

 Typical Shrimp Ball (aka.Ha Gao).

Last but not least we got bbq pork noodle wrap. 

Overall, I thought the food was not that great plus by the time they got around to our table the food was already cold. 




Overall Rating:


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