Destination: Seattle- La Crêperie Voilà

During a long weekend, I headed down to Seattle with limmerZ and his friends. First stop for food, we went to the best recommended crepe place on urbanspoon. It's an outdoor store where the convention centre is. It was a rainy day and thank god they have a huge cover on top of this place, so the rain did not affect us at all! When we got there there was already quite a few people lining up, so I had pretty high expectations for this place! I was looking around and I only saw a couple of outdoor tables set in front of the store but we found out that you can bring it in the convention centre and eat it in there because they have way more tables available for you to sit in, also it was a lot warmer indoors! 

They make the crepe right in front of you and I was very impressed! When the girl was making mine, she kind of messed up my crepe skin but she saved it and it was still good at the end! PHEW!

I ordered the Roasted Slice Chicken. ($6.75) There's fresh spinach, swiss cheese, herb butter and white sauce in it. I WAS SO IMPRESSED! BEST crepe I've ever had and you know how much I love my chicken! This chicken had so much flavour in it and it just tasted amazing as a whole! For $6.75, I thought the portion they gave us was SO worth it! It's all wrapped up so you can't tell how many chicken is in it but I can tell you there was A LOT of chicken in it! I will definitely go back next time when I head down to Seattle.

limmerZ went for a sweet crepe, Nutella Chocolate with strawberries. ($6.50) It was WAY too early for sweet food so I stuck with my chicken, but limmerZ love his sweets so he ordered this as his breakfast. He enjoyed this a lot but when he tried a bit of mine he was in LOVE with mine too! 

Also the workers working there looked so friendly and happy which is good! It was early morning and I would assume people would be a bit grumpy but their smiles and happiness just made the early morning a lot more bearable. 




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