Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

After a big meal at the Hub, we decided to go to Menchie's for some dessert. I've heard many good things about this place, but I always thought it'll be exactly the same as Qoola. Once we arrived, there were already a lot of people there. The place was nearly packed! The interior was really cute and fun and I thought it was an awesome place to go chill with friends ,but its a pretty small place so if you're with a big group of people, I wish you luck that it's not busy that night. 

Yogurt is always a better option compared to ice-cream. I love ice-cream but after a big meal, I just want to go for some healthy dessert! If you're on a strict diet or whatever, I can guarantee Menchie's will not disappoint! Plus it is a lot cheaper than most other dessert options. 

They have a big section of add on's. From candy to chocolate to syrup, you can add as many things as you like to your bowl of yogurt because the way they charge you is by the weight.

They had a huge black board on the wall near the door and people can just draw whatever they like on it. I don't know what that is for but thought it was pretty cute.

So the cashier is basically in the middle section. You go get your bowl of yogurt and add on's first and then you pay afterwards. So the price is 55cents plus tax per oz and 1dollar extra for the waffle bowl. I just went for a plain paper bowl and my total came up to 2 dollars or so. It was a perfect amount for me because I can't eat that much yogurt anyways.

Next to the cashier they had stickers, pins, and paper cars for you to play around with. My friends and I all got a paper car to build and this is how our cool cars looked like at the end.

On another wall there was this poster that says "Menchiewood" which displays pictures of celebrities eating Menchie! I see Selena Gomez! ;) limmerZ loves Selena Gomez, so he was probably happy to see that he was eating something Selena eats.

limmerZ got watermelon sorbet as his yogurt and he added some sprinkles, yogurt bites and some jelly balls.

Flo, Julie and I all got strawberry vanilla and it's the BEST flavor ever! They provide tiny cups for you at the back so you can basically try any flavor you like before you decide which yogurt flavor to get. I basically tried all the flavors and at the end I went for strawberry vanilla! For my add on's, I added cheesecake bits, yogurt bites, and I think that's it. The one with the pink spoon was my bowl. As you can see for only 2 dollars or so, that portion is pretty big for yogurt.

N/A -Self Serve

5/5 (LOVE my froyo!)


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  1. There are different kinds of ice cream but thats the most delicious and healty frozen yogurt that I have ever been eaten! Everyone have to taste it!