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limmerZ and I went out on a triple date with our friends. At first we planned to go to Flying Pig for dinner but it was super packed and the waitress told us it'll be around an hour wait. So we decided to go for a stroll around Yaletown to see what catches our eye. There were many options in Yaletown so we weren't scared at all about finding a restaurant. At the end, we made our decision to go to The Hub Restaurant and Lounge. The inside seating area was packed so we had to sit out in the patio. It wasn't an extremely sunny day but they had heaters set up outside and also blankets provided, so we were warm and cozy. The restaurant style was very laid-back and casual, so it was perfect for our triple date.

limmerZ and I started off with a drink, while others just ordered water. I ordered a martini (sry, forgot the name). The reason why I ordered this drink was because it sounded like the sweetest drink on the menu, but unfortunately when I tasted this, the alcohol taste was a bit too bitter for me. I didn't like this drink at all, so I only drank a bit. At first I was kind of shocked how little I got, but at the end I was glad because I really dislike this drink. 

limmerZ ordered a Mojito. He lovessssss his Mojito's, so this was no doubt a thumbs up for him. 

On the menu we saw that they had lobster wings and limmerZ and his buddies LOVE their wings, so we had to order this and give it a try. It was around 14 dollars I believe and it was definitely nothing special. There was enough for the 6 of us to have 1 each and I thought the taste was just average and boring. I would not order this again because it was nothing that great.

limmerZ and his buddy both ordered the Hub Attack burger. It was two burgers stacked up together and it was HUGE! I don't get how people can eat that but it looks SUPER yummy! I took a bite out of it and it was very delicious! I enjoyed that bite a lot and I can tell limmerZ was very satisfied with his meal.

One of our friends ordered a pizza and he thought it was too dry and he definitely ate better pizza elsewhere before. 

The other two girlfriends both ordered the meatball with spaghetti. Apparently their meatball dish is very popular. They thought overall it was okay but they weren't super impressed as well. Obviously the meat quality ain't the best but they still find it good.

I personally love chicken and alfredo, so that's what I ordered. I thought it was not bad but not extremely good. It was just too plain for me, so I don't have much to say about my dish. I think it was around 15-18 dollars. 

Parking in Yaletown is tight and expensive. I would recommend you guys to take the skytrain if you guys would like to give this place a try. The Canada Line is right outside the restaurant so it's very easy to access. If you're driving down there then be prepared to park in tight spots and bring LOTS of change with you! (unless you pay through phone)

Overall I thought the place was pretty average. I do like the location and the feel of it and I had a blast going on a triple date with our friends! It's a good place to chill and relax but it's not a place that will WOW your tastebuds. 




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