Golden Harvest Restaurant

My ALL time favourite dim sum place ever!

Most of the time we always end up choosing this place for lunch during the weekends. My mama always says yes to this place while for my brothers not so much, just because my brothers were never a crazy fan over dim sum dishes. On the other hand, I really enjoy coming to this restaurant because of the service and the food quality is great. The interior is nothing fancy, it's just like any other dim sum restaurant. If you're going to try this place out I am going to warn you now about the parking! They have a mini parking area out front with 6 stalls and it is fairly tight and they also have an underground parking lot that has around 10 stalls which is ALSO very tight. Most of the time the parking spaces are taken up so we usually end up parallel parking along the street.

This is my favourite dish of all time!! It's called the Four Season Beans and it tastes absolutely delicious! Every single time I come here I have to get this! I believe the price for this dish was around 6-8 dollars.

This is the Salty Fish Fried Rice and it tastes pretty good, I'm not a huge fan on Salty fish so I don't have much opinions about this dish. Usually other restaurants they make it too salty and I thought this was just perfect. Their big fried rice dishes aren't too pricey, it ranges from 10-15 dollars.

This is my second ALL time favourite dish for dim sum! This is DUCK tongue! Some of you might find this disgusting but I find it absolutely delicious. I know it sounds pretty cruel to eat so many duck tongues when one duck only has ONE tongue. But let's not get there. Anyhoo, I think the pricing for this dish ranges from 6-8 dollars as well.

This is fried Daikon Cake which limmerZ enjoy very very much. I usually don't go for this dish because it's a little bit spicy, but it's pretty mild. I just can't stand spicy foods. :P

This is my brothers favourite! Duck with noodles, pretty good stuff ! I think it ranges from 6-8 dollars!

To be honest, I really don't know what to call this in English. There's meat inside which is super delicious! lol If you guys ever want to try this, just show them my picture. Sorry! haha

This is BBQ Rice Roll. I'm not exactly sure if that's the correct name for this or not but according to limmerZ it is. One of the most common things you'll eat at a dim sum restaurant. Pretty basic, nothing different or spectacular.



(The price varies, depending if you're ordering regular dim sum or bigger dishes like fried rice or noodles.)

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