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Hey Everyone,

Jess and I went to Yaohan recently to have dinner, and while walking through the food court, one particular stall caught our eye, and it was Sun Century Cafe.

This caught our eye because of the new and modern look it had. We were wondering if this was a brand new food court stall, as it visually looked much better than the other stalls. The stone look on the side walls was actually wall paper, but it gave the stall such an interesting look that caught our attention. At the time we thought it was a new stall, but looking it up later, we would find out that this was actually the same food court stall that existed here before, but with a very refreshed look. 

Their menu was very enticing as all the prices included tax already and were reasonable! Their noodle soups were $5.50 and most of the rest of their menu was only $8.00 each. After browsing their menu, I decided on their Stir Fried Beef & Rice Noodle $8.00.

This was a very generous portion and looked very good. I like how it was served in an aluminum tray as opposed to a styrofoam box like almost every other food court stall would have done. This preserves the heat of the food much better than a styrofoam box would, and it definitely stayed warm for much longer than expected. Their chopsticks were one of the cleanest I've ever seen from a food court stall. They come packaged in a clear plastic wrap and did not need any clearing whatsoever for slivers as there were none!

The food itself was very delicious! The noodles had tons of flavour and were very soft and well cooked. The beef was very tender and perfectly flavoured. There was just the right amount of bean sprouts and onions in this to balance the dish. This was one of the best Stir Fried Beef & Rice Noodles I've ever had from a food court stall!

I added a Cold Lemon Tea to my order for $0.75. A hot drink would have been free with my order.

Their lemon tea was very good as well. It was a good quantity and had good flavour already without having to poke the lemons myself much. 

Jess had the Beef Brisket & Rice Noodle in Soup $5.50.

I had originally thought about ordering this for myself, as it was similar to something I get from one of the Aberdeen food court stalls, which is usually a small bowl for about the same price. Considering this was going to be my dinner, I wanted something with more quantity, but Jess decided to order this and give it a try. Turns out it was quite a large bowl of noodles and beef! They gave a ton of beef brisket pieces in this bowl which gave this great value. I tried it and the beef was very flavourful, as were the noodles and soup. The flat rice noodles worked very well in this dish as opposed to the wonton noodles used in the other dish I was referring to from Aberdeen. I loved every bit of this dish and it was very tasty!

Overall both dishes turned out to be fantastic and at very reasonable prices. We both loved their food very much and would definitely come back to try more of their menu. I'm not sure if they changed their menu since refreshing their look, but it felt like Yaohan's food court was missing a food court stall with food such as theirs. I find their food to have incredible value for the cost and quality, and for that, I give them a perfect 5/5 rating! I highly recommend this place for anyone dining at Yaohan's food court!




Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know if you have been here before their refresh, and whether they had the same menu or not. Munch on!
- Phil

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