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So I know Winter is here and talking about Ice cream might be out of season right now but who cares what season it is, everyone eats ice cream almost ALL the time throughout the year. My first time eating Earnest Ice Cream was at Granville Island, when I stepped foot in to Edible Canada and bought myself my very own salted caramel pint. When i had my first bite then, I already knew it was absolutely my fave ice cream ever. I've tried multiple places in the flavor of salted caramel, but I've narrowed it down and Earnest Ice Cream is still my favorite. 

During the Summer, Phil & I actually visited Earnest Ice Creams store along Quebec Street. I've been so caught up in "stuff" that blogging about this place totally slipped out of my mind until... now ;P If you know me personally, you would know my absolutely favorite finishes/materials for interior/exteriors are brick, wood, marble. I love how this place has almost ALL of that. The whole exterior is made out of brick and I love how their signage and doors are a much more modern style and I actually really like the mixture of modern with vintage personality. 

Their interior is simple, clean and is very similar to a lot of coffee shop interiors nowadays. With brick walls, wood paneling, white tiles and white counter tops. They have one staple light fixture in the seating area but majority is just minimal light fixtures because they have massive windows that allow a lot of natural light entering the space. I love how they have tall ceilings so it feels very big and open.

Since I already know I love their Salted Caramel Flavor, I decided this time around I'm going to be adventurous and try something new. (I hardly try new things when I LOVE something, so this was rather new to me) I skimmed through their chalk clipboards and one that really caught my eye was their Oatmeal Brown Sugar. I asked them for a sample spoon and I thought hmmm this tastes pretty good. Therefore I got that as my scoop (right photo), while Phil got the Whiskey Hazelnut (left photo). 

After eating it for a while, I thought it was very chunky and not really enjoyable as I thought it'll be. On the other hand, Phil thought his was AMAZING and now it has become his new favorite. He said there was a great balance between the hazelnut and whiskey flavor and was such a great combination for an ice cream flavor!

I highly recommend trying this place out if you have not yet. Earnest Ice Cream has become a popular ice cream stop within Vancouver and their unique flavors will leave you coming for more. 

Service: N/A

Food: 5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 5/5


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