Slickity Jim's Chat & Choux

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This week's weather has been pouring rain but that doesn't stop me from going out to get food to warm up my belly. I came across this little joint called Slickity Jim's Chat & Choux along West 7th. Walked in during lunch hours and was seated at the bar. They had two chairs along the bar with full visual of the back kitchen and cash desk. Not much of a view, so after a while, I moved myself to a much more comfortable seating with a view of outside. The one thing that drew me into this little spot was their signage outside indicating their lunch special: Chicken Pesto Quesadilla with any chosen side ($11.50).

Their interior is very antique chic. They had striped and polka table tops paired with different colored chairs throughout the restaurant. The bar area had chairs that reminded me of old salon chairs. They also had a lot of unique light fixtures.

Parking around this area is majority paid parking, unless you are lucky enough to find 2 hour free parking spots near the residential areas. Recommend car pooling with your friends if you are planning to come here for lunch.

They had quite a large menu for such a small space, but I was pretty set on the special of the day.

I paired the chicken quesadilla with their soup of the day, which was carrot, grapefruit & basil soup.
I wasn't sure about the soup when I first read it but the waitress assured me that it sounds funky but tastes great. So I trusted her opinion and ordered their soup. The waitresses here are very friendly and definitely makes you feel comfortable while waiting for you food. She would occasionally walk to each table to make sure everyone has been taken care of and also chat a bit with their daily customers. I can tell majority of the people who were there either lives around the area or they work near by.

When I got the food, it visually looked very appetizing. Apparently they made their pesto fresh in the morning. Their chicken pesto quesadilla was delicious! The cheese was melted just right and tasted so good with their homemade pesto. The chicken was soft and juicy and paired very well with the quesadilla.
The soup reminded me of a squash soup because the consistency was very similar. The carrot and grapefruit mix was a very interesting pairing.Very interesting blend because I thought the grapefruit flavor would be too strong. The flavors were very subtle and tasted great together. It was a nice soup to have on a rainy day.

Service: 3.5/5

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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