Jitlada Thai Restaurant

Hey everyone!

I came here for lunch with my colleague because she was raving how good the food was. We searched up online for their menu to order in advance so we were able to eat our food right when we got there. Initially we were going to get it to go but we changed our minds and decided to sit in.

For lunch, they have a lunch special, where every dish is for $11.50 and it comes with homemade salad & spring rolls. You can check out their lunch menu HERE.

For signage, I only noticed the one outside their doorstep which I passed by multiple times not noticing its existence until my colleague told me about this place. The interior was very clean and bright. Its a very casual dining area to just relax and chat with friends.

Now on to the food! My colleague got the Pad Cashew Nut- sauteed onions, carrot, bell peppers, oyster sauce & chicken ($11.50). She always go for that dish because its her personal fave. 

I got the Gaeng Mus-A-Mun- onions, potatoes, peanuts, coconut milk in a mus-a-mun curry paste with chicken ($11.50).  Like I said before, these dishes also come with rice, springrolls & homemade salad. Their salad was very fresh and light, which was a great pairing with the main dish. Their spring rolls were delicious! Its a mix vegetable & bean thread noodle spring roll. They have this great sweet and sour sauce that paired with the spring roll really well. They also sprinkled some peanuts on it and it just gave the spring roll that extra crunch! The curry paste was a tad bland for my liking, it smelled wonderful but it was just lacking flavour. The portion was just about right to fill my stomach and it was still a great option for lunch. I will try out their other lunch specials and see how I like it.


Service: 3/5
The service was interesting because I have mix feelings. When we entered, my colleague knew the boss so she was immediately greeted and when it came to introducing me, she didn't seem that intrigued. In my personal opinion, I just feel like if I came here myself, I wouldn't enjoy the service as much if I didn't go with my colleague who knew the boss. Maybe next time I'll just come here again to see if thats true. I can't say much about the service because I don't know how I actually feel about it yet.

Food: 3/5 
I really like the spring rolls but because of the lack of flavour in my main dish, I am just giving it a 3/5 rating. 

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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