Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant

This is one of the better places I've tried for Shanghai food. They make the little dragon dumplings from scratch and they make it where its visible for the customers to see. I really like how they show us how they make it; at least I can see whether the area is clean or not.This place is near Lansdowne Mall and the parking lot is not that big. Especially during busy hours it gets really full and some spots are reserved for other stores. It takes a while till you can find parking there. If you're not patient at all, you can always park across the street at Lansdowne. (BUT just to give you a warning, there is a possibility of getting a ticket if you take a risk for parking at Lansdowne!

Little Dragon Dumplings. (aka. Xiao Long Bao)

Chinese Donut

Shanghai dumplings in soup! My bro LOVES this.

Hot soymilk!

beef crispy ball

Fried dumplings!

Beef Roll! Super delicious!

PS: I'm sorry for not specifying the prices for each dish! I didn't jot down the prices and I can't search it up online! But per dish is relatively cheap considering the portion is pretty big for what you pay for.
My favourite dish of all time from this place is the Shanghai Noodles and we DID order it but by the time I brought out my camera my brothers already dug into it! SOOOOO, unfortunately I was not able to capture a picture of it for you guys! But I HIGHLY recommend it!



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