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This blog is long overdue but better late than never! My family and I went to Joey's for Mothers Day and it was a late booking so THANK GOD we were able to reserve a table at Joey's since I assumed it'll be super busy! Parking on Broadway is always tough and expensive, I was happy to see that they provided Valet parking at the front of the restaurant. So, we took the easy route and just valeted our car and the price for valet was around 8 dollars. It was a super sunny day and outside the restaurant just made me felt like we were in California or something and it was just such a good feeling because it made me felt as if I was on vacation! Love the outer layout of the restaurant!

When we walked into the restaurant I was SHOCKED! There were only several tables with groups of small parties and I can straight up say that it looked pretty damn empty for MOTHERS DAY!

First off we started with some starters! We ordered the Calamari Fritto ($12.00)
Super yummy but watch out for the sauce that they give you! The sauce is a bit spicy!

My dad ordered the Beef Dip sandwich as an "appetizer" to share. ($14.00) This was pretty filling! I would prefer my dad NOT to order this because it was just too much to take in as an "appy" because this mainly is supposed to be considered as a main course. 

My Bro (Miltychoco) ordered the mushroom cheddar burger! According to him, it was very delicious! ($15.00)

My mom ordered the Grilled Salmon and I tried a bit of it! Super tasty and the flavor was amazing! ($23.50)

My dad ordered the Rotisserie Roasted Chicken.($22.00) I tried a bit of this dish and did not care much about it and the taste kinda threw me off. Not the usual dishes I would choose personally. I think my dad would've preferred something else rather than this. But this is based on our own preference, you may like this dish!

My brother (Mel) and I both got the Steak and Sushi! ($23.00) Top sirloin with rainbow sushi! I didn't really like the sushi because I thought it was pretty plain and the sauce on top was spicy. I got my steak in medium rare and it was pretty tender and delicious but I have definitely tried better ones elsewhere.

For dessert, we got the Italian Donuts. ($6.00) I've definitely tried better donuts elsewhere! These cannot top Krispy Kreme donuts OR Tim Hortons donuts! I thought these were super plain and barely had any taste.

Mel got the Molten Lava Chocolate Souffle with ice cream on the side. ($8.00) He thought the lava cake was very yummy and I could tell he was enjoying this a lot. 




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