La Casa Gelato

Have you ever tried Wasabi or Curry Ice Cream? I dare you to give these flavours a try! Because I did!

I didn't buy a whole scoop of these flavours but Kenboi dared me to eat a spoon scoop of the Wasabi flavour and I did! Tasted SUPER nasty but I survived. I LOVE La Casa Gelato because they have a wide range of flavours to choose from! It can literally take you forever till you decide on ONE flavour to go for. They have 218 flavours, from disgusting flavours like Wasabi to delicious flavours like Tiramisu.

We went after dinner around 9 o'clock and it was extremely packed with people. If your driving, they do have a parking lot right next to the ice cream shop, around 12 parking stalls so if you go during a non busy time usually you'll be able to find parking there. If not, I believe you can park along the side-walks.

When you first go in, you have to purchase your ice cream cone first and they'll hand you a poker chip. That poker chip represents your payment so when you're ready to pick your flavour you just hand the worker your chip and they'll know you already paid. 

It took us a while till we decided what to get. I got Ferrero Roche and limmerZ got Tiramisu Cheesecake. I LOVE Ferrero Roche in general and when I noticed that they have Ferrero Roche ICE CREAM, I just had to choose that out of all the flavours.

There were so many people there and barely any workers so it was hard to try flavours and get our ice-cream.



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