Sing Yee Restaurant

Who likes Claypot Rice? I DO!!!

Do you guys know that the slightly burnt rice that sticks to the pot, you can actually use a spoon and scrape it off and mix it in with a very good base soup and it tastes WONDERS??
I don't know how else to explain it better but this was my first time hearing/trying this at Sing Yee Restaurant.

A few weeks back, my family and I have decided to choose a place to eat in the Continential Center in Richmond. At the end, we stuck with the usual cuisine we go for, Chinese food and I was glad we did because I was very impressed with this place.

 My family and I were fairly hungry so we did order a lot of food and suprisingly we cleared most of our dishes! First off, we got our soup of the night! I don't know what it is called but their soup is SUPER delicious. Reminds me of the ones that my grandparents make.

Marinated Duck


Pea Shoots

Fish with Corn

Chinese Sausages

After clearing up all the rice, the waitress added clear broth soup in to the pot mixing with the burnt rice and it was delicious!

Dessert! :)
Overall, I thought it was a wonderful experience. The service was quick and the people who works there are very nice and friendly. Also, there are many parking spots at the front of the restaurant so finding a spot was easy-peesy. I seriously highly recommend this place if you are looking for a laid-back place to eat some really yummy Chinese food. Their interior design is nothing fancy at all, it looks just like all other typical Chinese restaurants so don't give too high of an expectation on the interior. Just enjoy the food! :)




Overall Rating: 


Richmond Central
2118-3779 Sexsmith Road
Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9

Enjoy! :)

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