Rhino's Kitchen Restaurant

Who remembers the "Old" Aberdeen from back in the days? I DO!!!!

Before the newly built Aberdeen existed, there was an old Aberdeen. I was fairly young back then but I still vividly remember the Rhino's Kitchen Restaurant. An upstairs location, always packed, side seats had the view of a bowling alley and the food was superb. After they took down the old Aberdeen, Rhino's Kitchen was gone for a good few years and now its back! After hearing about the newly opened Rhino's Kitchen Restaurant in Lansdowne Mall, I had to give this place a try!

When my family and I stepped into the restaurant, the interior design was pretty unique. Everything was newly renovated and there were several tv's located on the walls. I personally liked the interior design of the place. The service was fast and we got a table very quickly. For a cafe, they did serve a good amount of options on the menu. We all ordered our own dish and my whole family were very shocked when we received our food. When they say "MINI" they MEAN IT! Usually when I go to Hong Kong style cafes, their mini meals are never really MINI, as it's always a decent amount and really well worth the price you pay for. 

Mushroom Cream Soup
Lemon Tea
Milk Tea Hot drinks come with the meal, but if its a cold drink you have to add $1.25. (Which is ok, since most places are like that) Also the soup is additional $1.25.

bro ordered curry beef brisket with rice $9.50 

My Mom ordered Malay Style Fried Rice  $7.95
My Dad ordered curry beef tongue on rice $7.95

I ordered chicken steak with mushroom on rice $7.95

My other bro ordered Baked fish on rice $7.95
My brothers do eat a lot but at most places, their portions are usually good enough to fill them up. Unfortunately, this place did not satisfy their stomachs enough. They were telling me how the portions were super small and there were barely any meat in their dish. I do agree, as the dish I ordered came with a thin chicken steak. For 8 bucks I could've gotten something better elsewhere. I was very disappointed because I had high hopes for this place, but unfortunately it's not the same as the old Rhino's Kitchen anymore. 



(Per dish it IS below 10 bucks, but I will not return because it's not worth the money for the quantity you get)

Overall Rating: 


Richmond Central
5300 #3 Road
RichmondBC V6X2X9


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