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So it feels like I legit haven't blogged in FOREVER and I truly apologize for the lack of posts on our blog. Usually I blog during the weekend but I've been so caught up with our Youtube Vlogging Channel, I've been lacking motivation to blog. But right now, i am back at it again and have many restaurant reviews lined up!

At Metrotown food court, there's a new food court vendor! They are called Chachi's! They specialize in gourmet sandwiches, using local, fresh ingredients from local butchers, cheesemakers & bakers. Their motto is "changing mall food, making it better and gourmet".

From first glance, the design layout of their food court stall definitely gives off a different vibe. Very modern, bright and clean.

While checking out their menu board, their prices are definitely much higher compared to all the other food court vendors. Prices are based on just the sandwich itself and it varies approx. $10-$12. You may add sides and drinks on the side if needed.

They had a "build your own" clip board on the side. Initially the papers were all tucked in, so nobody could really see until we were next to the cashier ready to pay.

In front of the cashier, they were also selling Jalapeno Chips! Not sure how much it costs since there was no signage next to the chips.

We were recommended by the cashier to try out their Vanilla Bourbon Lemonade ($3.50). It's hard to describe the taste but the vanilla flavor really stood out to me. I don't think I would purchase this again because I wouldn't say it's the best drink ever and also it was close to $4.00 for this drink.

The sandwiches came in a cardboard box.

I ordered the Banh Mi Sandwich- BEEF BRISKET, ASIAN MARINADE, PICKLED CARROTS, CILANTRO, JALAPENO, GARLIC AIOLI ($11.00). The only downside of this sandwich was that the beef brisket would slide out very easily but overall great flavour! They also provided me with a fork, expecting that the beef brisket would slide out. The ingredients paired with the pulled pork is very similar to the usual vietnamese subs!

Phil ordered the Cali Sandwich - CHICKEN BREAST, DOUBLE SMOKED BACON, HOUSE MADE GUACAMOLE, CHEDDAR, TOMATO, ROMAINE, SPICY MAYO / GF ($11.00). He thought the sandwich was good but the size for $11.00 was pretty small for his liking.

Service: N/A

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $ (It's pretty pricey for just a sandwich but I guess you are paying for the quality of ingredients used)
Usually when I'm eating at a Food Court, I'm aiming towards a satisfying, cheap meal. But it's nice to have an alternative option, incase you are craving for some gourmet sandwiches.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks for reading!

Chachi's Metrotown Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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