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Hey Everyone,

So Jess told me about a new pizza place that opened up at the new Aberdeen side, and given that there is hardly anything open yet on the new side, and I love pizza, we had to try this out!

They're located on the ground level facing the skytrain station. They only have an exterior access door so you have to go outside to get to it. 

Check out their menu below:

You can order pizza by the box or by the slice. Their setup is similar to other small pizza joints like Fresh Slice and Uncle Fatih's where you can see all the pizzas at the front and just pick from them. 

They fire up the pizzas with a very cool wood stone oven!

Slices cost $2.75 per, which is $0.50 more per slice. They don't really have names for the pizzas so we just picked from what looked good to us:

Overall their pizzas were pretty good when fresh. As you can see above, they are very thin when compared to other pizza places, especially Uncle Fatih's as those are very thick. The flavours were wonderful in each pizza and they were cooked just right. The ingredients tasted very fresh and the dough was just right for this pizza. The crust was nice and crispy. I would advise against getting the one above with tons of little bits of beef on it as that one was not that great compared to the others. The rest of the slices we got were awesome. 

One thing though is that these pizzas are only good when fresh. As soon as they cool down, it just doesn't taste that good anymore, and the crust becomes extremely hard. If you're planning to eat several slices in one sitting, I would recommend either ordering each slice as you eat it, or buy it all at once but tell them to keep the rest heated up first and pick them up as you finish them slice by slice. 

The staff here are very friendly and helpful throughout the entire experience here, so even though I won't be giving a service rating as it is not really a sit down type of restaurant, I will say that their service is amazing for a pizza shop!

Overall this place has great pizza and great people. There isn't much of a view when sitting and eating at their seats, as it is literally facing the ground level of the skytrain station, but it does help them advertise whenever someone is passing by and looking at the people eating pizza staring back at them. I definitely recommend everyone to try this place out! One idea is to grab a bubble tea from upstairs before coming down for some pizza!




Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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  1. Pizza Garden has been the unsung hero for a long time (first location on Commercial Drive) and only in the past few years have they very slowly expanded with just a few locations (downtown, UBC, North Van, Main Street just a couple of months ago, and now in Richmond). Very tasty thin-crust pizzas with quality toppings. But you are right, after cooling down they don't keep as well when ordered. But still much much better than Uncle Fatih's or FreshSlice !