Pho Han

Hey Everyone,

So Pho Han is a pho place that we've passed by many times on Garden City but never got around to trying it, but we finally did!

This is a very small restaurant! It doesn't look like much on the outside but the inside is not too bad. There's a TV on the wall too!

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Their tea is served in metal cups!

I had the Pho tai bo vien, which is rare sliced sirloin beef and meatballs. 

This pho was actually pretty good! They even plated it very nicely as well compared to most of the other pho restaurants. The broth was good enough to hold on its own without adding extra sauce. The beef was actually rare as seen in the photos above, unlike some places where they put the beef inside the soup already so it's already cooked well by the time it reaches your table. There wasn't that many meatballs in the dish, but the overall quantity of the beef and meatballs was actually pretty good, and I was quite full by the end of this meal. I wouldn't mind coming back here for more next time!

Jess had the Grilled Chicken Sub.

This sub not only look good, but it also tasted pretty good! I had a bite of it myself and it was very flavourful and well put together. The toppings were spread evenly within and the bun was toasted nicely. One thing however, was that the bun would explode everywhere with each bite taken, as it was so crispy on the outside! It's not that bad if you're eating in, as the mess just goes all over the table, but if you bought this to go and ate it elsewhere, beware of where you eat it!

I'm not sure how busy this place gets but given that it's a small restaurant in a complex that shares a small parking lot with several other restaurants, parking may be scarce, and seating in here is also scarce. There is street parking along Capstan so at least you have that as a backup. 

The service here was decent, nothing spectacular and nothing bad. Very average overall.

This restaurant had pretty good food overall. Their pho was good and so was their sandwich! The cost was pretty reasonable too so I'd definitely recommend this place to everyone to try. Good pho in Richmond isn't too common, so it's nice to find a pretty decent small restaurant like this!





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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