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Been slow with the blogging lately because we've been so busy with family gatherings for the holidays. But now we are back and have multiple places lined up to blog! So today I will be talking about a newly opened bubble tea place within Crystal Mall in Burnaby. I hardly go to Crystal Mall because its pretty far for me unless I'm heading to Metrotown. The other day we came across this bubble tea cafe and noticed the old bubble tea place has closed up and this has replaced their location. My friend actually opened this place up and I've noticed on her previous facebook posts talking about their birds nest bubble teas but I didn't know they took over the previous bubble tea cafe! When I got there I was excited to say hi to her and also try out their stuff!

**I just want to put a disclaimer out there, even though she's my friend, my opinion on their food and drink is 100% my true, honest opinion.**

Their interior is very bright and I really like their color scheme. It went well with their logo and the subtle tones of yellow is definitely a cheerful color to see. They had a few small tables on the side for seating but I feel like this place is more of a to-go place. I like how they placed their menus on the side for people to take so we can take a look on the side without blocking the line. They had many options on their menu and it was hard for me to choose so I just went with my friends recommendation. I ended up ordering their Matcha Bubble Waffle ($4.50) and their Grass Jelly Oolong Milk Tea ($4.75).

Phil thought the milk tea was lacking sweetness but thats the reason why I enjoyed it so much. I prefer less sugar but he likes his drinks more sweet. So it really depends on personal preference. The Oolong was a great pairing with the milk tea and it really brought out both flavours. The grass jelly was a great addition to the drink because it also helps with canker sores. Considering we are still in holiday mode, we are bound to eat some deep fried delicious food, so making sure canker sores are prevented is a must! For the Matcha Bubble waffle, it was made fresh with their homemade egg batter. Overall it was a great snack to carry around throughout the mall but I thought the matcha flavour was not strong enough for my liking. 

Service: N/A (I am not going to rate the service because obviously I knew the boss lady there so rating this would not be fair.) Just want to say that having a business at such a young age is hard, so considering my friend took charge and going for what she believes in is amazing. At first i thought this was a family business, but this was actually opened by her, her bf & her bfs bro. All foodies, lets go support this young group of entrepreneurs! :) 

Food: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $


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