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Hey Everyone,

This summer I had the chance to dine at Joe Fortes with some colleagues during lunch, and we had heard they had amazing oysters so we definitely had to try some. 

Straight to the food we go!

We had four types of oysters, one of which were really big! I wasn't the one that ordered them, so I'm not too sure which ones are which, but if any of you are oyster experts and can identify them through the pictures, definitely post it in the comments below!

The big one wasn't my favourite though, as I felt it was too big to enjoy properly, and that the flavour of it wasn't as good as the other 3. The smaller ones were definitely a lot more tasty than the bigger one. I have only recently got into eating oysters and am now fully into oysters!

We thought their happy hour covered oysters too, but turns out it doesn't and it wasn't even happy hour yet (4pm - 6pm). 

We had other food as well though. My main was the Today's Grilled Duo of Fresh Fish $28.95, which was a sablefish and salmon, with Caesar Salad.

The fish were absolutely delicious! They were so tender and flavourful, it was just a shame that they were so small! If I had only ordered this without the oysters, I would still be very hungry at this point. The salad was very good as well, although it was a bit more on the salty side, but not the point where it was not enjoyable. 

Since I wasn't that full yet, I definitely had room for dessert!

Dessert Trio $16.95

Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee



These desserts were good, but not amazing. I'm not a creme brulee fan, but this was not bad. The cheesecake was not bad, but not as good as the ones from Cheesecake Etc. My favourite out of the 3 would have to be the tiramisu, as it was just better overall compared to the other 2. It was very fluffy and tasty, and was just satisfying overall. 

The service at Joe Fortes is always excellent. We were recommended an excellent white wine and they were also very courteous and helpful. They were prompt with checking up on us at appropriate times and just provided a wonderful dining experience for us. 

Overall, this is a restaurant I would dine at time and time again, budget permitting, as the food here is always great, the service is always excellent, and they have a great selection of wines to pair. The ambiance in the restaurant compliments the overall dining experience so well and I have a great time whenever I dine here. I highly recommend you guys check this place out if you've never been. Great date location too!





This is a pricy restaurant to dine at, but definitely worth it on any given day. Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

Random Mini Tobasco Sauce (my colleague's favourite)

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