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Last week I went to Downtown with my friend, Ali. Our main mission of the day was to go explore Downtown and check out the Map wall art at the Shangrila Hotel. But before exploring, obviously we have to go fill up our bellies first. We had several options on our list so we went with the one we favored most. But the top 3 options were COMPLETELY packed full of people by the time we got there. Each place notified us that it'll be around 45 minutes to 2 hour wait. WHAT???

So we ended up strolling among Gastown area and came across Chill Winston. Chill Winston has been on "My List" for a while but never got a chance to try it! All the tables were filled up outside so we were very scared the wait would be ridiculous. We took a chance and stepped up to ask anyways. We were surprisingly shocked that they had plenty of table indoors. It was a super gorgeous day so sitting outside would be the ideal seating BUT by that time me & Ali got there we were starving already therefore we were completely satisfied with an indoor seating.

The interior space looked amazing! Super luxurious but still have a sense of the whole Gastown characteristic. Gastown is all about the brick, so obviously in their interior they had brick walls. They had really comfortable padded seatings and the light fixtures were very unique. Overall, I was just amazed at the interior design and it was definitely a comfortable atmosphere to just relax and chit chat.


Their menus were very overwhelming to look at. They had a lot of options to choose from and had lots of random images. We both ended up eyeing the Chicken & Waffles ($16.75) so we automatically ordered that.

When it arrived, it was much smaller than we imagined. The waffle itself was a disappointment. It was flat and mushy. There was nothing fluffy about the waffle and the sauce at the bottom soaked up on the bottom waffle and it became very mushy.  The chicken itself tasted amazing, there was flavor in and out. The crispiness of the chicken went really well with the maple syrup sauce and it was great to eat.

Overall, for $16.75 I don't think it's worth it because the portion was small and the waffle wasn't great, so basically your paying that amount for only the chicken which is not worth that value at all.
My friend thought the sauce and greens didn't pair well with the maple syrup and chicken.

Their washrooms were very interesting. They have individual restrooms but for washing your hands, its all based off on this centered sink. So it was interesting seeing a guy washing his hands across from me after using the restrooms...

Service: 3/5

Food: 3/5 (feeling 50/50 on this because the Chicken tasted great but the Waffles were a disappointment)

Price: $$

Overall Rating 3/5


Chill Winston Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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