Soft Peaks Ice Cream

Hello everyone!

We are officially back from our trip from Dominican Republic and we are more than happy to come back to beautiful BC. I will soon post a blog regarding our trip and our thoughts on the food there, so stay tuned!

Yesterday I finally got to try out Soft Peaks Ice Cream in Gastown. Its a two level story ice cream store. I don't know full details about their ice cream but on the walls inside it does indicate they are handmade, gluten free & 100% natural. The interior is very simple, they have a full wallpaper of simple milk bottles & ice cream cones along the side of the staircase, which I thought was cute.

When I was browsing through the menu on the board, I was looking for one that I knew I would love. I was never a major chocolate fan, so Mudslide was definitely out of the equation. When I saw the "North Pole Breakfast" I knew that was the one. If you know me personally, you'll know I LOVE frosted flakes cereal, so when I saw cereal flakes, I was beyond excited even though they were just plain flakes. From the beginning, I knew I'll be adding caramel syrup. So the choice of "One" syrup was an easy one for me. Three of my fave things combined, caramel syrup, cereal flakes and ice cream.... YES! For sizes, you can choose from small or regular. My friend suggested to just get small because she was having trouble finishing a regular last time. Therefore, I took her advice and just went with a small size.

My thoughts: I absolutely LOVED IT. Despite the fact that this is such a simple combination and an extremely simple idea, I really didn't mind paying $5.00 for this small cup of ice cream. The ice cream is definitely not as sweet as most ice creams, but that is why I love it. The caramel was extremely sweet so I thought it definitely balanced the whole ice cream. Also the crunch from the flakes gave it texture and it was great!

Service: N/A

Food: 4/5

Price: $ 

Overall Rating: 4/5


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  1. Taste : 2/5
    Interior: /5

    It's a nice place when I walked in and there was a line up of people wanting to try it.
    I ordered the Kamquat flavour (forgot what it's called), I felt like I was eating Kamquat out of the jar (it was too sweet). The flavour of the ice cream was already really blnd , pretty much tasteless and non-sweet, after eating the Kamquat , it overpowered the flavour of the icecream....
    I paid 5 dollars for something like that, I might as well just buy a jar of Kamquat and eat it. If the cost of the icecream was around 3.50 -3.75 then sure I'll be happier.

    1. thanks for commenting Vincent :) I do agree the price is beyond the worth of the ice cream but i guess it depends on personal preference whether you wanna spend that money on this or not.