Pacifico Pizzeria Ristorante

Hello everyone!

The other day we went to Pacifico Pizzeria Ristorante with our friend. We actually wanted to try this place for the longest time but never got around to it. Our friend tried the desserts from this place before but never main course so he suggested to come here for dinner.

Parking is such a pain in this particular area. The easiest way is to park right below Scotiabank theatre but it's extremely expensive. The first hour was $5.00 and then after the first hour, every 12 mins was a dollar. I highly suggest just skytraining to this location because it is not worth it to park your car there.

When you first step in, there's high ceilings, long windows, & colorful red, yellow walls. Definitely has a very Italian feel to the whole interior. The whole interior made it very comfortable and you would just want to sit there, chit chat and have a glass of wine.

Our friend ordered the "Caprese Pizza" ($17.00) which contains sliced tomatoes, bocconcini, red onions, capers, mozzarella cheese with fresh pesto & basil on a garlic brushed crust.

Friends Comments: Love the thin crust, very soft but yet crispy. I love the fact it has simple ingredients but still comes off extremely flavorful and delicious.

Phil ordered the "Margherita Pizza" ($17.00) It's considered the "Queen of Pizza" since 1889. This pizza contains crushed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese & garnished with fresh basil.

Phil's comments: Overall just tasted like a cheese pizza. I prefer eating the Caprese pizza because it has more ingredients and more flavor. The Margherita could have a bit more of the fresh basil.

I ordered the "Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle" ($18.00) which contains red onions, garlic, spinach, lemon mascarpone sauce with smoked salmon.

The waitress helped me add some cheese on top. Overall very creamy, very soft, very fresh. The smoked salmon was cooked very well and I thought this dish was delicious. I wasn't able to finish this dish because it was just too filling for me but I highly recommend ordering this if you love salmon and pasta!

Service: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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  1. Most of the items on Pacifico's menu seem to be priced about right, however $17.00 is very high for a Margherita pizza, unless mozzarella di bufala was used on it, which I doubt (I'm sure that they they would have advertised that fact on the menu if they did). Most restaurants usually charge at least $2.00 less for a Margherita pizza compared to any other pizza with a couple of toppings on it.