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Hey Everyone,

I recently had dinner at the Prince Seafood Restaurant on Granview and Rupert with my coworkers. We had a private room, which was pretty sweet so we're away from the noise of the main dining area!

Their private room has very nice decor, which matches the rest of the restaurant, comes with a TV, chandelier, and some side tables to hold dishes, distribute food on, and chill white wine on!

Since we had quite a big party, we ordered many dishes, so most of the dishes will be my best guess of what it's called. For drinks, we had a lot of white wine and pitchers of Coke and Sprite, and of course tea.

At the start of the meal, we were provided small dishes of this:

It contains a mix of bean sprouts, carrot strips, and this mushroom that from Chinese, directly translates to wood ear.

The appetizer came and had the usual Chinese appetizer dish foods:

By the time the dish came around to me, all the roast pork was gone! I was told by my colleague that the roast pork skin was very hard though, which made it very difficult to eat. Either he was telling me it was bad, or he was trying to make me not feel too bad about missing out on it! The roll that looks like a sushi roll is actually a fish cake wrapped in bean curd, which was not too bad. The fried shrimp was very flavourful and the shell wasn't too difficult to take off. Jelly fish was good as usual, and the pork was tasty as usual.

Onto the next dish:

This next dish contained scallops, celery, snow peas, several types of mushrooms, and green onion with carrot strips throughout the dish. This was pretty good overall and nothing to complain about here. I love scallops and celery!

Next dish:

This was what the actual item was, but the dish was a large dish with many of these shrimp balls, but they distributed it to us on a plate for each person, so I could only take a photo of this. It's essentially a deep fried shrimp ball that's wrapped around a crab claw. The claw itself has some meat when you get to the middle of it. You are provided with sweet and sour sauce for dipping and this dish is pretty good overall. 

Now between this dish and the next, there came a bowl of shark fin soup for everyone, but since I am strongly against shark fin soup because of the way it is acquired, I had none of that! Several of my colleagues, of course, jokingly gave me a hard time about it but I stand strongly with my beliefs on this!

Luckily the next dish arrived shortly after, so I was not without a new dish of food for too long:

Next came the abalone with veggies. The abalone was good and tender in the middle, and was a good size for the dish. The veggies were cooked nicely and went well with the abalone and sauce in this dish. 

The lobster dish arrived next:

Sometimes this dish comes wish noodles underneath the lobster, but not this time. The lobster itself had very good flavour and there were ample pieces that were easy to extract meat from. 

This next photo is actually two dishes that got placed into one in order to make room for other dishes on the rotating platform. The deep fried fish was ok but I didn't have a lot of that as it wasn't that interesting to me. The other stir fried fish was ok too, served with various vegetables. I believe I heard that these two dishes were made from the same fish!

When the next dish came, my colleague was so excited he had to take a photo of it in front of my shot!

This would be the deep fried king pigeon that is definitely one of my favourites! The pigeon is cooked through nicely and still maintains juiciness when you bite into it. The skin is crispy but not too crispy that it would be like fried chicken. Very flavourful, very delicious, overall a very good dish!

The typical braised E-Fu noodles with golden chives. Nothing much to say about this dish as it is very typical among Chinese restaurants. I'm not a big fan of it so it was not bad.

This was an interesting dish, the Fried Wild Rice with Dried Scallops and Egg Whites $23.80. This was the last dish to arrive before dessert so we were pretty stuffed by this point. I had a small bowl of it and it was not bad in flavour. The wild rice is interesting as it is harder to chew than white rice, but worked well in this dish.

Now for dessert:

The jelly is the Chilled Lychee with Aloe Jelly $4.00. The sticky rice cake has something yellow inside but I wasn't quite sure what was inside. It was pretty good though! The jelly was barely sweet, but that's how this jelly is supposed to be. Not bad for a dessert. The typical red bean soup was ok as it had tapioca in it, so it wasn't the regular boring red bean soup. 

The service was excellent as this was on the higher end of Chinese restaurants. They changed our dishes to new clean dishes often, hot towels were provided, utensils were clean, table cloth clean, chairs clean, everything was clean. The staff were very friendly and courteous. One small minor thing to note was in the beginning when the server was pouring the white wine, she ended the pour and pulled the bottle away quite abruptly, causing several large drips to fall on my utensils and napkin. Not a huge deal breaker, as she did improve on that as the meal progressed.

Overall this restaurant was very impressive with good food and great service. The decor was nice and clean, and the private room was excellent. This restaurant is on the pricy side, but I would recommend it for trying out!




Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating!
- Phil

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