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On Saturday, after our workout, my friend and I decided to go to Shishinori. It was my first time trying Japanese brunch so I was more than excited! Shishinori is located on Cambie, between 7th and 8th ave. It's a very small restaurant and I think can only seat approx. 14 people. We were lucky enough to find two seats along the window. So when we first stepped in, there were a few other people following behind us. This place functions by ordering first and then seating yourself after with your number. Because there were people behind us, I was rushed to order my dish. Since it was my first time, I wasn't sure what to get, so I asked the cashier what she recommends. But her answer did not help me one bit because she was saying everything is popular. Which it may be true, but I expected her to suggest something to speed up the process. Therefore, in the spur of the moment I decided to go for a rice bowl.

 My friend ordered the Smoked Wild Salmon Egg Benedict ($9.50)
I tried one bite out of it and it tasted amazing! I believe my friend was saying, the bread at the bottom is actually a waffle. The salad was fresh and the Japanese sauces used for flavoring was just perfect!
As for drink, she ordered the Black Rose Tea. She mentioned after a while, it tasted like a particular Chinese tea at Dim Sum called Bo Lai.

So for my meal, I made mine a combo with a drink and soup combo! I was hesitating whether I should get the soup or ice-cream, but because of my cough, I decided to go for their Enoki Miso Soup. Their miso soup is not bad, taste like every other miso soup to me. As for drink, I ordered the Mango Black Tea. If you prefer a drink that's not extremely sweet but still have flavor, I highly recommend this tea! It's very refreshing and just balances your whole meal out. In order to make it a meal, it's just additional $2.50.

Now on to my dish! I ordered the Wild Salmon Paradise Bowl ($11.00).
It consists a variety of items, such as Edamame, Egg, Salmon, Carrots, Etc. At first when I saw my dish, I was thinking to myself, "OHGAWD, why so many veggies......" BUT I must say, this dish is AMAZING! Don't let the veggies scare you away because it may just be your next favorite dish. I can admit, I don't eat veggies all that much and I can say I LOVE this dish. It doesn't even feel like your eating a salad. At the bottom there is brown rice, once you mix everything together, everything just works as a whole. I was overly shocked when I fell in love with the first bite because I didn't expect everything to work well together.  

At the end, we both finished our dish and it was extremely satisfying! 

I highly recommend this restaurant!!!

Service: N/A (pretty much self-serve)

Food: 5/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 5/5


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