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Surprisingly I have a bit of time on my hands before 2014 ends! So I thought might as well blog about our re-visit to Kamei Royale. If you did not read my previous blog on this restaurant, pls click here: Kamei Royale

The other day before me & Phil went to Fly Over Canada-Xmas Addition, we decided to go grab some dinner at Kamei Royale. We've been here multiple times & every single time it has been a decent experience therefore we always return. The building has their own underground parking and the good thing about this restaurant is they reimburse the parking fee which came to a total of $8.00. They give the reimbursement back in cash rather then a credit off your bill.

First thing we ordered was the Chikuwa Cheese ($7.00) It is deep fried fish cakes with melted mozzarella cheese. Very flavorful, love the combination of a crunchy exterior and the soft texture of the fish cake combined.

We also ordered 6 Salmon Sushi ($3.50 each) & Salmon Roll ($4.00)

We ordered one special roll called The Crunch & Munch ($14.00) which consists of prawn tempura, cucumber & tobiko wrapped with unagi & avocado. I love this roll, very delicious! All components work well together. The only crunch factor was the deep fried tempura but still very good!

Last but not least, we ordered the Mentaiko Yakiudon ($12.00) which consists of Japanese thick noodles with Alaskan cod roe. At first the picture didn't wow Phil, but I really want to try it to see whether they can make a dish that looks so plain to stand out! And i was RIGHT! It was super delicious, the sauce that they use is definitely the highlight of this dish. It just brings the noodles to life even though there's barely anything on it. The dish looks so simple but has amazing texture and flavor.  The only con to this dish is it is rather small. I wish they would include more noodles in it because it doesn't really match up to the value.

Service: 3/5 (This time around, our waitress was quite disappointing. She's quick and I love it but because she is quick, she misses alot of stuff. Like noticing us when we actually need her there. Trying to wave her down was a challenge, but I can tell she was just trying to manage all tables at once. I love fast, but you still got to do fast & right at the same time) 

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3.25/5

Happy Eating!

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