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Back with another blog today all about this Cattle Cafe that is located on Kingsway. I've only been to this location once before and from what I recall, it wasn't the best. The other night Phil and I just finished with an appointment and we were actually craving for Pho, but ended up for cafe food instead. First impression of the restaurant, layout is tight and not the cleanest. So when we got into the restaurant, we were directed to a table right away but because of the spacing between the pathway and the tables being very tight, the waitress had to move aside for us to pass by. Being an interior design student, that is definitely a big no no for me. After being seated, our surroundings was definitely not pleasant. We got a window seat at the corner and once we sat down, the side edges of the windows were filled with dust and was extremely dirty. When we were deciding what to order, Phil had the urge of leaving because he didn't like the atmosphere and didn't know what to order. But obviously we didn't leave! Otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about it right now. It gets better, so don't be sad just yet...just continue reading along... lol

 While looking through the menu we were having difficulty of deciding what to order because they had plenty of options but just don't know what is considered their specialty. I know back in the days, they were considered to be known for their built your own noodle soup. Therefore, I ended up ordering that for my dinner. I got Rice Noodles with Japanese bbq pork & fish balls in peanut butter & chilli sauce.  ($8.50) It also comes with a bunch of veggies. 
Their built your own noodle soup has a decent selection of what you would like in your noodles, so if you don't like what I got, there is plenty more options for you to choose from.
Also you can get a cold drink for an extra dollar, so I got my usual, Ice cold lemon tea. If you want a hot drink, it comes with your noodles, so you don't have to pay extra.

For $8.50 this bowl of noodle soup was HUGE. Great portion with great pricing! The soup base was more of a thicker consistency but I really like it, it made it very flavourful and with the additional chilli sauce, it just made it a whole lot tastier.

Phil ordered the Pork Chop in cream onion, bacon demi-glazed with rice. (approx $9.50)
After getting his food, he thought it was pretty good and I was like "DO YOU STILL REGRET??" and he's like "NOPE" so I assume it is decent enough for him to not feel like leaving anymore. 

Service: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3.25/5

Happy eating!

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