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I'm super excited to blog about this restaurant and I had to instant post this right up after dinner! I just got back from having a super wonderful Fathers day dinner at Chop Steakhouse located in Richmond. If you read my blogs then you should know I am BIG on service. Service identifies how the staff was trained and what the restaurants true values are. They focus on service ALOT! and I LOVE IT! First off, I was very happy with the private room we got. We didn't request it but was lucky enough for them to have gave us a nice, comfortable private room for my family. The waiter that was helping us for the night is called Blake. So just incase he ever comes across this blog post, I want to give him a MAJOR shoutout for providing excellent A+ service. He knew the menu very well and gave excellent suggestions. 

Now, lets talk about the food!

At the beginning, before our main dishes arrived, we got the complimentary bread. I didn't eat any because I was scared it'll stuff me up but according to limmerZ the bread was SUPER GOOD!

For my main dish, I ordered the Petite Prime Rib, Chop Experience with Seafood Chowder, side Baked Potato & Veggies ($29.95)
There is a list of sides to choose from, so there is definitely more options available. 
The Seafood Chowder was very flavourful and it was filled with seafood. There was salmon, scallop & many more.

Here is my main dish! Now... I'm not really sure what they consider "Petite" but in my vocabulary that means ...small...and what I had was not small at all! If this is small I cannot imagine what large would be like. Anyhow, the meat was cooked perfectly in a medium rare state. The overwhelming taste with the juices overflowing on my plate, man was I in heaven. The baked potato was a classic and with the sauteed veggies on the side it was just a good combination. The balance between fat and healthy? At least that was what I was trying to go for... Unlike my brother who went double the potatoes for the sides. Mashed potatoes and Baked potatoes for him. When he got his dish he actually got veggies and a baked potato.According to our waiter, the kitchen thought it was a typo because usually nobody orders double the potatoes. The waiter called my brother a boss for ordering such heavy sides. LOL What a funny guy. He let my bro keep the veggies and brought out a plate of mashed potatoes for him. 

                                                                                                                                 My Mama ordered the Citrus Soy Glazed Wild Salmon ($25.95). 
The dish actually came in an asian big dim sum tray. My Mama didn't even want to eat it because the food was plated so nicely on display. She wasn't a big fan of the wild rice, but she extremely loved the salmon. She said dipping the salmon with the provided sauce was such a good combination and it gave the fish more flavour. 

 limmerZ ordered the same thing as me but for one of his sides he got fries. We absolutely adore the fries! Reminds us of Five Guys Fries. The fries were simmered with the exact right amount of salt and the flavour was just incredible. Now, you may think I am over exaggerating on this because fries is fries... what's so special? Well, I can clearly tell you everywhere makes fries differently. Try comparing this to McDonalds.. lol 

My Papa and my brother (aka. MC Dawg) ordered the special for the night! It's the Bone In New York Steak ($38.95).
We usually like our steaks medium rare but according to the waiter this steak is cooked to a medium state but still gives the pleasure of a medium rare steak. Near the bone it was more rare but they absolutely loved it! Extremely thick cut and my papa said it was super delicious. Now my brother was not a huge fan on the sided mashed potatoes. At first my brother thought horse radish was incorporated into the mashed potatoes but they actually have wasabi flavouring in it. If you are not a huge fan on wasabi tastes, I would not recommend you ordering mashed potatoes as your side. It has a huge wasabi taste. My papa loved it alot and finished it spot clean. So it really depends on your preference. 

 Last but not least, we obviously cannot forget about dessert! We ordered the Dessert Trio ($10.95) to share. Starting from the left we have a Carribean Rum Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream, middle we have Chocolate cake and on the right we have a Raspberry Creme Brulee. My mom loved the Creme Brulee, my Papa loved the Rum Cake with Ice Cream and my brother, MC Dawg loved the chocolate cake. For me, I was average with all the desserts. Definitely not on the top of my list. The rum cake is very unique and with the combination of the ice cream it gives it a way better taste. The chocolate cake is just a normal chocolate cake to me, nothing special. The creme brulee, flavour did not stand out to me. It's a good little dessert to share with others just to try but I don't think I will order this next time. I rather eat dessert elsewhere.

Before we left, the waiter dropped by and gave my Papa this Chop Steakhouse cup. It was a small gift from their restaurant to all the fathers out there. I thought it was a nice little surprise and my papa was definitely in shock when he received it. It was his first time going to this restaurant and I can tell he had an absolutely wonderful experience. 

Inside the cup there was a little card that was also a little gift for my daddy. Next visit, he gets a free lobster tail on the house. 

I think Chop Steakhouse knows how to make their customers feel special and make their experience eating at the restaurant absolutely amazing. I highly recommend my readers to go try this place out and tell me what you guys think! I've been to this restaurant a few times and I always have an awesome experience. I just felt this time was a more memorable experience that I must blog about it ASAP. 




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