Pizza Hut

Last time I went to a sit in pizza hut was such a long time ago that I don't even remember how the food was.  I hardly order pizza hut, but I know that they only have pizza options and not much of an appetizer option. For sit in, their menu has more variety. This sit in pizza hut is located in Richmond near Richmond Public Market. Their parking area is not very big but I don't think the parking lot will ever max out. When we stepped in I noticed a huge difference in decor compare to wayyyyy back when I went there. The whole place has been renovated and the seatings were very comfy. There was not many people when we went, so the whole place seemed pretty dead. 

For appetizer, we ordered the pesto chicken spinrolls! I am absolutely in love with this! Never tried anything like this before I love my chicken and my cheese and my alfredo sauce... with everything in one it can't go wrong! For $8.99 I definitely think it was worth it.

limmerZ and I ordered one of their signature singles pizza to share. We got the Quattro Formaggio. It was good but I thought it was extremely oily and greasy. I know pizza's are supposed to contain those two components but it was just wayyyy too much for me to handle. One slice already got to me. But it was good... just got to burn off those fat the next day..



Price: $-$$

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