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limmerZ and I are always on a hunt for a dessert place at night, especially when we`re in Richmond. But we can never think of anywhere to go. There`s only a few dessert places around and it`s either always packed or closed. The other day we were planning to go to Yarvis to eat cheesecake until we passed by this mini cafe that caught our eye. We checked out the menu outside and they have cake and coffee. Totally right up my alley, so we decided to give this place a try. The interior was AMAZING. It was so cute and cozy and it gave this very high class, vintage vibe. This place is owned by a Taiwanese married couple.

 I got the special of the day which was any cheesecake + a cup of syphon style coffee for $9.50. For the cake options they had Tiramisu, Earl Grey Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake and Chocolate Cheesecake. I got the Earl Grey Cheesecake and I ordered a cup of Kenya AA Coffee. On the description for Kenya AA Coffee, it says all coffee lovers will love this so that`s why I chose it. The Earl Grey Cheesecake was super unique and delicious. I never tried anything like it before and I enjoyed it a lot. The description for the coffee was right..It was super delicious! I couldn`t stop drinking it and limmerZ actually wanted a sip but I was enjoying it way too much that I didn`t even save him any LOL

 limmerZ got the Tiramisu Smoothie. ($5.95) OMG no words can describe how good this is. I`m usually not a big fan for cold drinks but this was irresistible. Once I took a sip of this I wanted to finish the whole drink myself. But since this was limmerZ drink I was not able to do that. lol I highly recommend getting this if you guys LOVE tiramisu. 



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