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Hey everyone,

So I was at Gotham Steakhouse last night with Bee because it was her birthday yesterday! SHOUT OUT TO BEE <3 Anyways the restaurant was really dark with the dim lights and the lighted candles so lighting for pictures was horrible! So I took one picture of all the food we got. 

Bee and I Canada Line to Waterfront station and the restaurant is just a few blocks away. If you're planning to drive down, they do have valet parking. 

The interior was very nice and the service was WONDERFUL. From beginning to end I was very impressed with everything. The waiter was very jolly and friendly and the best part was when he sang happy birthday to Bee when he brought out our dessert. Also, when you first enter into the restaurant the hosts greets you in a very friendly way and they have coat service.

Bee got the Premium Salmon Filet ($29.95), I tried a bit of it and OMG it was sooooo delicious!
I got the Roasted Stuffed Half Chicken ($29.95), it was the BEST tasting chicken ever and it was such a huge leg that I was full after eating half of it. 
We also ordered fresh steamed broccoli ($7.95) and french fries($6.96) on the side. Those were pretty average, nothing special. 

At the end we ordered Baked American Cheesecake with mixed berry sauce($11), the cheesecake tasted amazing but we couldn't finish it at the end because we were already so full from our main course! 

I would totally recommend this place if you are looking for a place for FINE dining. This is probably the most expensive restaurant I've been to. The prices for other stuff on the menu was off the roof! 

Check out the menu if you guys don't believe me LOL:

OHHH and also a heads up, they give you bread at the beginning of your meal (most fancy restaurants are like that) and the bread is HUGE. So just keep that in mind. LOL


4.5/5 (lost a bit of points from the sides because if I'm going to pay 8 bucks for broccoli and 7 bucks for french fries, it better be amazing, but unfortunately it was just average)


Overall Rating:


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