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If you've watched our vlog from last week, you'll know we went to Surrey to get our taxes done. After, we decided to just grab some lunch around the area. We came across a "trial opening" for the Bubble Waffle Cafe so we decided to just grab some lunch there. The first time I saw Bubble Waffle Cafe as an actual sit in restaurant. I always see them as food court vendors but this time around it was a different experience. 

When we got the menus, we were told they didn't have any specialty drinks available and no Hainanese chicken. The interior was very simple, new and clean. 

For drink, we ordered the cold lemon tea that came with the noodle combo. Their cold lemon tea was not sweet enough for me so I didn't really like it that much. 

We also ordered the Hong Kong Style Waffle Cake  ($1.39 with combo)- with peanut butter & condensed milk on top. SUPER delicious. Love the combination of all the flavors. One thing we were very confused about was the tray they decided to use. It was the holder that people use to steam food. Theres holes at the bottom so the sauce was dripping all over the table. We told the server our thoughts just so they know what we thought of their "plate" option for this dish. So hopefully they will place it on an actual plate next time around :)

We also ordered their 6 piece Siu Mai ($2.95) with combo. To be honest, i wouldn't usually order this at these places because i know i can purchase a pack from T&T and make it myself for cheaper. But being the lazy person I am, I was giving in to my craving and decided to just order for the heck of it. 

We also ordered a Noodle Soup Combo to share. 

Soup Base: Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup
Topping: Sliced Beef & Fish Tofu
Noodles: Flat Rice Noodle
Comes with the drink: Cold Lemon Tea
Price: $9.50

The soup base was delicious and I love how we are able to choose whatever we like in our Noodle soup.

Service: 2/5
Service was pretty slow and it took a while till we were able to get their attention. 

Food: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5


Since this one is still in it's TRIAL period, i've just tagged the Central Burnaby location in case you wanted to check out their full menu or where else they are located!

Bubble Waffle Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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