Kongee Dinesty

Hey everyone!

I hardly go for congee unless I'm sick but I came across this place with Phil and thought it was a great breakfast option if you live in Richmond. You can customize your choice of congee for $8.95 a bowl with two toppings. 

For base, they either have plain, seasoned or black peppered base. My friend tried the plain before and told me it literally had no flavor, therefore when I came here, I knew automatically I am getting the seasoned base. For toppings, they have a good variety of options, I went for Chicken and Salted Egg. You can also choose whichever garnish you would like on your congee. I really like how they had this option for you and you can choose as many garnishes you would like. I went for Green onion, pickled radish & preserved vegetables.

We went on a weekend and when you order a congee, they'll throw in a free soy milk drink at no extra cost. So I decided to get the hot soy milk. 


We also ordered their Chinese donuts ($2.95). I thought it was very good. I like how it wasn't drowning in oil and was a good portion for two.

The interior was very clean and bright.

The congee was HUGE. The portion was meant for 2 + people to share. I thought it was a great deal if you come here and share a congee with someone and order a side of chinese donuts. The seasoned base for the congee was very delicious and was not too salty. The portion of ingredients were much more than I expected and I thought it was an extremely good deal.  

We also ordered a side of Beef Rice Roll ($4.95) which was not necessary at the end of the day. We were extremely full from the congee & chinese donuts already. The beef rice roll was average. It tasted like the usual dim sum restaurants. 

At the end of the day, our total came up to be less than $20.00.

If we didn't order the beef rice roll, it would've been cheaper too! Considering breakfast nowadays could easily be over $10.00 per person, I thought this was a great choice for breakfast within Richmond.

Filling and custom, delicious congee's with flavorful chinese donuts! I think this was a great place and will definitely come back! Also, their tea was very different from the usual Chinese restaurants. It had a hint of lemon flavor in the tea and Phil loved it. 

Service: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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