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If you guys read my blog on a frequent basis, you will know that I love sushi. I've heard many good things about Tojo's but the one thing that stopped me from going was the price. It's probably the most expensive sushi place I've dined at.  Every year, either my birthday or my bffs birthday, we will always treat each other out for some good food. This year around, I didn't want to bring her to the usual steak houses, therefore i decided to bring her to Tojos. Both of us have never been to Tojos before, so we were really stoked to see how good this place was. The restaurant is located on Broadway & Spruce. Majority is pay parking around the area, so I suggest car pooling to share meter parking.

The interior was very simple and clean. They have really high ceilings and it was very spacious. The seatings were all padded and covered in this nice royal blue exterior and it was very comfortable to sit on. When we got there, the place was pretty busy with most of the tables filled up, but the noise volume of the restaurant maintained on a quieter note. You really feel like your sitting in a high class restaurant. Me, being the only person holding on to a DSLR camera with the shutter constantly making sounds when I click to take a photo, majority of the tables turned around just to see what I'm doing... But that didn't stop me from taking some amazing photos during this dinner. The main chef, Hidekasu Tojo thought I worked for the media or something.. very funny man and he suggested next time around go sit at the bar so he can show us more and talk to us more about the food!

Cool fact: Apparently he's the man who created the California roll!

First off, obviously we had to start our evening off with our favorite plum wine!

First up, we got the Tuna Tataki (Small $12.00)- lightly seared marinated local wild albacore tuna with ponzu sauce. This was a great appetizer. Its a very light dish but with a lot of flavor. The ponzu sauce paired very well with the lightly seared tuna and the tuna just melts in your mouth.

So they had an option on the menu called Omakase, which means its a selected course that the chef has decided based on the fresh ingredients of that day.
They had the following options:
$80.00 for five courses
$120.00 for Six courses and up
$225.00 Wagyu Dinner
All the pricing is PER person.
At first we weren't planning to do this option because I thought both of us have to order this. But our server told us one of us can order this and the rest can be individual dishes. Therefore, we ordered one of the $80.00 omakase- five course meal.

1st dish: Tojos Tuna- Chefs signature dish- Tuna Sashimi with special sesame and wasabi sauce.

2nd Dish: Homemade Salad with smoke salmon with slightly cooked octopus and homemade mustard. This dish was very light and the addition of the homemade mustard just gave this dish a special kick of flavor.

3rd dish: Snapper fish with cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, dashe sauce (fish sauce). This dish had a lot of different layers and each bite was filled with juice. I thought the flavors paired with the juicy vegetables were over taking the natural flavors of the Snapper fish but overall still very delicious.

4th dish: Halibut Cheek, sauteed in a creme garlic teriyaki sauce. This reminds me a lot of a chinese dish. The sauce used tasted much like sweet and sour soy sauce. This dish was visually appealing and flavors were very good. 

5th dish: Assorted Sushi Platter. By this point of the meal, we were extremely full already, so majority of these sushi's were packed home and was enjoyed later. Even though I ate it later in the night, it was still fresh and delicious!

We also ordered other dishes on the side, besides the 5 course meal. We got half Salmon sashimi & half Toro sashimi ($35.00). Their sashimi were super fresh and i can not get enough of their TORO. It was literally melting in our mouths.

We also got the Celebration 2010 Roll- crab, pineapple and asparagus with tuna, wild pacific salmon, red snapper, spinach and egg on top ($26.00). I thought this was pretty interesting and it was very neat how the exterior layer of the sushi had several different layers. It definitely shows the skills and effort they put into this dish.

We also got one other roll, which was the Northern Light Roll- Wild prawn tempura, avocado and seasonal fruit rolled in a cucumber crepe. Inspired by the Canadian northern Lights ($18.00). This was personally not my fave. I thought it was lacking flavor and I was not a huge fan of the cucumber crepe. I don't think I would order this roll again if I were to go back.

Last but not least, we got dessert. This was a pear/strawberry jelly with red bean paste at the bottom. When you bite in to the jelly, you can taste the freshness of the fruits. I thought overall it was a very unique dish.

We definitely ordered WAY too much food for two. Overall it was super delicious and the service was amazing and attentive. This place is very expensive but overall I think it has a great atmosphere and amazing food & service, so its perfect to come here on special occasions.

Service: 5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Price: $$$$-$$$$$

Overall Rating: 4.75/5


Tojo's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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