Kisoji Japanese Kitchen

Hey everyone!

The other day I went all the way to Pitt Meadows with Phil to attend the Mazda CX3 Introduction Test Drive Event. We signed up for the 7:30pm schedule so we had some time to go grab some food. I searched on Zomato and a lot of people had positive comments on this restaurant called Kisoji so we decided to try it out while we were there. This restaurant is located in a plaza and its located on the right hand side all the way at the end. Across from it there is Brick and other commercial retails. The interior is simple but has a Japanese style attached to it. They have a wooden block paneling on one side with a section with under lighting that displays their beautiful Japanese bottles. I thought this place was very clean and service was great! They had multiple staff on the floor making sure everyone was taken care of and I also had a view of the kitchen and I can tell all their items are organized and prepped. 

Now on to the food!
On the menu I saw that they had Oshinko, aka. Pickle Radish ($2.50). I personally LOVE radish so I had to try this out in a sushi roll version. Flavour of the pickle radish was not that obvious but i still enjoyed it! If you never had pickled radish before, pickled radishes are not bitter or anything, it has a bit of sweetness and it has a crunchy texture. 

Next up, we got the Ochiba Maki ($11.50), it has seared salmon on top with caramelized onions, inside the roll has yam tempura, & avocados. Very delicious roll! Has a tint of spice so it gave this roll an extra kick of flavor. I really enjoyed this!

We also got the Jack Cha Han ($12.00) which consists of salmon, shitake mushrooms, egg, pickled cucumber, and fried rice with an egg on top. Once you mix the egg with the rest of the contents in the hot bowl it slowly cooks the yolk as well. Overall EXTREMELY delicious rice and I would highly recommend trying this out if your ever going to come here!

Last but not least, we got a bunch of Aburi Sushi's, we got salmon($2.00), tuna ($2.00), toro ($2.50), tai ($2.25) & saba ($2.50). Overall the toro was THE BEST and the rest was great as well!

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4/5


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