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Hey everyone!

I've been exploring Richmond more often recently and my friend recommended this Japanese Sushi restaurant on Garden City & Blundell Road. I brought my mom and bro with me to give this place a try for dinner. When we first stepped in, we were the first customers to be seated for dinner. From first impression the interior didn't wow me and the fact that the whole restaurant was completely empty..I was quite skeptical regarding how good the food may be. We were given a table that had a "reservation" sign on it so my first thought was..."are they just placing these signs on the tables to make it seem like people will eventually come....?" ANYWAYS, after we ordered our food, more people started to show up so the whole fear factor of this place may potentially be horrible just decreased a tiny bit. By the time our food arrived, majority of the tables were already filled, so I was like OH GOD, we are not the only ones!

First off, I ordered a Miso Soup ($2.00) for my mom. The bowl is extremely small so for 2 dollars, i don't think it's worth ordering.

Our first plate of sushi, we ordered 6 pieces of Salmon Sushi ($12.00), Yam Tempura Roll ($4.50), Chopped Scallop Roll ($4.50) & Salmon Roll ($3.50). 

All the sushi pieces had a bit of wasabi in it which we thought was pretty authentic and it was pretty surprising to us because we just thought this place was Korean owned. So I had to clarify with the waitress just to make sure we were right or wrong. And we were WRONG, they are actually Japanese owned (as told by the Japanese waitress).

We were completely obsessed with their yam tempura. It was so good to the point even my mom said it's her fave. My mom barely calls out on something and says its her fave, so it was a RARE and MAJOR compliment to their sushi.

We also ordered the Chicken Karaage ($6.00), it was freshly deep fried and had a great even of batter and chicken mix.

Next up, I had to order their Miso Black Cod ($14.00) This was absolutely fantastic! It was greatly flavoured and the texture of the fish was so smooth and soft. It was just a fantastic dish and I would highly recommend ordering this.

We also ordered a Katsu Don ($12.00) which came with miso soup and a little side dish. I didn't know this came with a miso so I was pretty bummed out that I ordered one at the first place. This was so tasty, the pork was cooked perfectly and it wasn't stiff. The sauce was evenly spread among the rice so it had great flavor overall. 

Obviously we weren't done with sushi, so we ordered another Yam Tempura Roll, Kanpyo Roll ($3.50), Negitoro Roll ($4.50).

At the end of the dinner, I was very pleased with the quality of the food. The fear I had from the beginning completely vanished.

Service: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 3.25/5

Price: $-$$

Arigato! :)

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