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Hello everyone!

Back again with another blog on a Japanese place that is 100% authentic, located in a very small location in Richmond on Odlin Crescent. It was my first time trying this place out and there were little things I was surprised about. They are only open on Tuesday-Saturday from 6pm-9pm. They only take reservations so don't even bother doing walk ins, because majority of the time there will be no room. They don't have a kitchen so they only serve sashimi, sushi & maybe a few things that are pan fried.

We ordered a bunch of random types of sashimi and food so I don't quite remember the exact name of each and every item but I hope this post is still helpful in terms of what I think of the place and the food.

We ordered several types of sashimi to try. All of the sashimi was extremely fresh and tasted great!

Next up, my friend ordered the pan fried fish head. I think it was slightly seasoned and it tasted amazing!

We also ordered a variety of sushi, such as chopped scallop, aburi tuna, wild salmon...etc. My personal fave out of all the sushi was the Aburi Tuna, it had more texture and the flavor was amazing!

I believe this is some sort of liver....? I totally forgot what my friend told me what this was but I didn't enjoy it as much as my friends. The texture was very soft and creamy and the flavor tasted relatively unique. I don't think i'll personally order this myself but my friends loved it and thought it wasn't as oily and fat as the other ones they've tried before.

Sorry for not having the exact prices & names for each item. I wasn't planning to blog about this but it turned out to be an amazing hidden gem so I had to put something up! A lot of people already know about this place but I thought I might as well put my thoughts up as well!

They have a bunch of different types of sashimi so it was really hard for me to remember the names of the not so common ones. I thought everything tasted great so if your not exactly sure what to order just order a bunch of randoms. Its a surprise of what you'll get and I think it's an awesome experience to try everything!

Overall, I thought this place was amazing. All sushi/sashimi was fresh and had great flavour. The overall total price came to like..$45.00 per person so it is pretty pricey but I still highly recommend coming here and trying it out.

Service: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy eating!

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