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The other day my friends & I decided to try out a Japanese restaurant located on West 16th near Cambie. We went on a Thursday so it wasn't that busy, which was great! We didn't have to wait long for our table & also we were able to find tons of parking space along West 16th & on the side streets.  The interior is very small but not compact to the point where its unbearable. Its a very cute Japanese themed restaurant. They have numerous Japanese d├ęcor around the space and it made the atmosphere feel very comfortable.

This restaurant is owned by Japanese people, unlike the Japanese restaurants we have around Vancouver right now which is mostly owned by either Koreans or Chinese people. Don't get me wrong, those ones are great too! But once in a while I love to eat from an authentic Japanese restaurant.

First off, we ordered the Tuna & Salmon Sashimi plate ($15.00) which came with 4 slices of each. The sashimi was fresh and tasted great! Can't complain about sashimi :) The slices were cut up rather thick so I thought we got a good amount for the price!

Next up are rolls!
From left to right: Kanpyo Roll ($2.75), BBQ Eel & Cucumber ($5.50), Green Onion & Fatty Tuna ($3.95).
I really enjoyed all the rolls! It all tasted great! My personal favourite was the green onion & fatty tuna! It was my first time trying a Kanpyo roll and it reminded me a lot of bamboo shoot. Kanpyo is actually dried long strips of gourd. It is a traditional Japanese ingredient and it tasted pretty good!

Last but not least, we got ourselves the Black Cod Saikyoyaki ($21.50) which came with rice, miso soup and side dishes.  The side dishes include, tofu (bottom left corner), cucumber & radish, veggies, etc (top middle) The black cod was huge and tasted amazing! The texture was soooooo soft and the flavour was just ON POINT! I love everything in this meal and I would definitely order this again and recommend it! I ordered black cod from other Japanese before and usually I have to pay quite a bit for just the fish. So I thought 21 bucks for this whole meal was reasonable.

Service: 3/5
Food: 4.5/5
Price: $-$$
Overall Rating: 3.75/5
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