Dine Out Vancouver!

Good afternoon to my food family,

Incase you guys did not know yet, Dine Out Vancouver Festival is coming upon us super quick! Starting from Jan 16- Feb 1, 2015! Its the best time to try out those expensive restaurants that you were not willing to go all out for during the year! 

If you never heard of Dine out before it's basically the time of year where a lot of known restaurants participate with set menus. The prices ranges from, $18, $28 & $38. There is a wide selection from different cuisines & located in different neighbourhoods. A lot have gluten-free or vegetarian option. So incase you are vegetarian or on a budget, don't despair because there is plenty of options to go for. 

Me & Phils anni is coming up so we already booked a table at Chambar. I've personally never been there before so I'm extremely excited. 

If you want to check out their dine out menu, heres the link: Chambar Restaurant

Hope you find this info helpful and definitely check it out!

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